7 Tips to Grow Your Direct Sales Business Over the Summer

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June 13, 2014

Moms who work from home think that summer is usually the hardest time to grow their business. But that’s not true at all. Summer can be a time of making great connections, setting up growth strategies for Fall and getting your products into the most hands possible.

Here are  7 ideas to keep your direct sales business growing over the summer:

  1. Connect at outings. For some people, summer is the time they see the most people in person, at picnics, parties, reunions and social events. What better time than to hand out samples and catalogs, talk about your business and products and offer to book parties?
  2. Use your products as gifts. Never go to a party or picnic empty-handed. This is the perfect opportunity to share your line by bringing a hostess gift, graduation gift or birthday gift from your company’s line. Be sure to have a label on it, so the recipient knows your site and that it’s from your company.
  3. Offer freebies and specials. We’ve all heard of Christmas in July, right? Now is the perfect time to get new customers by offering stock sales and percentage off sales. People love free gifts or a certain percentage off so get creative by making mini gift baskets as a free gift with purchase or offering a cash discount.
  4. Offer incentives for your team. While you are out working hard, is your team? This is a great opportunity to drive them to produce bigger sales or sponsor more by offering incentives such as gift certificates for free products or gift baskets with the newest company products for them to use and share.
  5. Plant your seeds for Fall. We all know that a harvest only grows after many seeds are planted and tended. Make this your prep time for the busiest Fall ever and the most bountiful harvest by taking steps to get the word out about your business. This can be everything from booking Fall events and fairs to making sure you reorder enough catalogs and business cards for the upcoming season. Every new place you go (even out-of-state) is an opportunity to hang a flyer, to leave a business card, to tip a waitress with a free sample or to network with new people. Think of the unlimited possibilities a 7 day road trip with the family or a reunion with dozens of people could bring.
  6. Book your Fall parties and events now. Many events allow only one vendor per company so if you snooze, you lose. Contact the venues you did last year to get the date for this year. Reach out to churches or local schools for when they will be holding their Holiday boutiques.Connect with friends about booking parties and get them scheduled in ASAP. There are only so many weeks before Christmas comes, so create that sense of urgency that they need to do it now. Browse the local papers for newly listed events. Of course, you can book summer parties too. How about a “Pamper party on the patio” or “Goodies in the garden” or “Summer Spa” party theme?
  7. Grow your team. Contact people who are out of work or people who don’t work in the summer like teachers. So many people are looking for extra money and if you don’t ask, you may miss out and find they joined another company without ever knowing of your opportunity. Anyone unemployed needs quick cash so emphasize how making sales from product on hand can get them that cash they are yearning for.

While taking time off to enjoy some summer fun is great for everyone, keep up the momentum and drive during the summer and watch your business grow even more!

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