Got Blood? ‘True Blood’ Has Returned for Sixth Season

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June 20, 2013

True Blood has been a hot summer show for years but last season seemed to turn viewers off a little bit.  I don’t know if it was just that they tried to do too much with the storyline or if the effects were too cheesy (because they were…) but it just wasn’t as entertaining as in previous years.

The new season premiered this past Sunday on HBO and it looks like things are already off to a promising start.  While we can’t get into every subplot since there’s a lot going on, we can’t help but bring up Bill Compton.  At the end of last season, he drank all that blood from Lillith and now he has genuinely turned into some terrifying creature (he even survived being staked by Sookie!)  We don’t know what’s scarier, though – supernatural blood-covered Bill or this “normal” looking version that possesses seemingly unlimited powers.

Meanwhile, the women on the show were really prominent in that first episode.  The relationship between Pam and Tara has definitely moved up to the next level and, in one scene, it looked like they were returning to the group after enjoying a romp on the beach.  Still, when push came to shove, Pam made it clear that Eric was still the #1 priority in her life.

The dynamic between Jessica and Sookie has become quite heated since Jess wants to protect Bill, whereas, Sookie (who believes the real Bill is dead and was replaced by some sort of demon) didn’t hesitate to put a stake through the heart of her first love.  Considering this a betrayal, Jessica aligned herself with Bill which likely means that, at some point, she will have to square off against the only other vampires who have befriended her.

In a somewhat surprising move, Sookie made a decision about her relationship with Eric.  After accompanying her home, he signed over the deed which restored her ownership over her late grandmother’s house.  After reflecting on who she was when they first met, she said that in order to get back to having a happy, normal life, she would have to rescind his invitation to her home.  Forced out, Eric was left with no choice but to watch the woman he loves through the window.

Probably the biggest moment, though, revolved around Jason who, predictably, broke off from the group after another one of his anti-vampire rants.  Hitchhiking, he was picked up by an older man who wanted to know all about Jason’s life and the idiot went ahead and told him everything.  What he didn’t realize, however, was that this “man” was actually Warlow, the vampire who killed their parents.

It’s hard to know what direction this is all going to take but, based on the premiere, it’s likely that most fans will be eager to find out.

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