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February 6, 2012

In recent weeks I’ve talked to three women bloggers who actually had their Google Blogger or Blogspot accounts mysteriously disappear – possibly for policy violations or other unknown causes — two of which were permanently deleted representing years of hard work. That’s not even to consider what might happen if a blog on this service is ever hacked – the aftermath could be disastrous to have to deal with.

For sure, the Internet these days isn’t working like clockwork as it used to. Due to the potential for more major site blackouts staged last month online like the ones Wikipedia, CraigsList and others have enacted protesting against potential U.S. legislation that could invoke censorship of the Internet, it’s never been more important to do everything you can to protect your intellectual property in cyberspace. If you’re a mom who blogs, this applies particularly to guarding all of your Blogger content which undoubtedly represents months, if not years, of time and creative investment on your part

The good news is that backing up your Blogger blog is surprisingly simple and quick.

  • Make sure you are in the current Blogger interface, not the older version that will soon be obsolete to begin.
  • Login to your blog as you normally do and go to the page where you see a list of all your published and drafted posts. Note: To see this window, make sure the new post window is closed first.
  • Click on Settings on left side of screen.
  • Click on the Blog Tools section then click Export Blog.
  • Click Download Blog to export into Blogger Atom Format on your desktop. Be patient this could take a few minutes depending on the speed of your Internet connection and the size and number of posts on your blog.
  • Check your desktop to see the .XML file you’ve just downloaded. This contains all your blog content up until today.
  • Protect yourself still further by backing up your entire computer’s files daily or at the minimum, once a week. For maximum peace of mind and an additional layer of security consider also copying your blog’s content file onto a rewritable CD or flash drive.

Since Blogger is a free service to use and is owned by Google, the company theoretically has complete control over the storage of your content as well as other data stored with your account such as documents, analytics and comments. True, Google is a big and successful company and likely you won’t have problems. But why tempt fate and lose your entire blog if something does go wrong? By backing up your work regularly you’ll feel safe always, rather than possibly sorry later.

How often do you backup your Blogger blog? Also, if you’ve lost content on this platform in the past, feel free to share your war stories in a comment.

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