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September 28, 2012

Last week we talked about the definitional differences in political parties. As you saw – there are as many different combinations of political views in the world as there are parenting styles. Whether or not someone is on the same point of the political spectrum as you – you can usually learn a thing or two from hearing their opposing views. With that in mind, I decided to create (and share) a list of my top favorite political blogs from moms in a variety of political ideologies.

All these moms have strong political opinions and aren’t afraid to share them.

Conservative Mommy Bloggers

These moms fall on the conservative side of politics:

  • Snark and Boobs–  A conservative blogger who definitely speaks her mind.
  • Backyard Conservative– According to The Backyard Conservative she believes in being moderate in everything but politics. As Tom Roeser said, she went to Harvard and turned right. She says she comes from The Chicago School, not the Chicago Way.
  • Chicks on the Right– They thought conservatism needed a makeover so they gave it one.
  • The Conservative MomShe describes herself as a conservatarian hippie-chick and ex-lefty. She blogs for her boys and will cover a wide range of conservative topics and of course the upcoming presidential election.
  • Indignant Conservative MomThe mom of 6 and a veteran of the United States Army who is the fourth generation of service members in her family, she blogs about all things political and of course military.

Liberal Mommy Bloggers

  • PunditMom– Joanne was named by Working Mother Magazine as one of its 2011 Most Powerful Women in Social Media and was nominated for the 2011 Social Media Award by the Women’s Media Center.  She is on the leadership committee of the annual Activism+Media+Policy Summit. Let’s just say she definitely has an opinion.
  • Mamapundit-Part politics, part random happenings. Mamapundit is  self-defined political junkie, a feminist and a progressive Episcopalian.
  • The Radical HousewifeShannon Drury of, The Radical Housewife, is a writer, at-home parent, and community activist who has been blogging about feminist parenting and politics since 2006. 
  • The Feminist BreederGina Crosley-Corcoran – writer, doula, childbirth educator, activist, and mother of 3 littles. She used to play in a famous rock band, but is now earning a Master of Public Health in Maternal Child Health.
  • Hippie Liberal Momma– Penelope from Hippie Liberal Momma says she is just a southern democrat mother blogging her face off. A lot of random with some politics thrown in the mix.

These are just a few of the moms out there sharing their political views via their blog. Whether you agree with their stances or not, you have to love a woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Do you have a favorite political mommy blogger out there?

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