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Finding the Funny: 4 Videos that Highlight Humor in Quarantine

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June 11, 2020

No matter where in the world you live or what state of lockdown you are in, we can all agree that the beginning of 2020 didn’t shape up quite as we expected. I doubt anyone would characterize the last few months as funny but we certainly all shared an experience together. Many people have looked for the humor in their own situations and made videos to lighten our days. I’ve chuckled at a lot of them through the last few months. It helps me feel like even though I’m alone, someone else is feeling the same things I am. Here are a few that brought a smile!

Video Calls

At the beginning of all of the lockdowns, my mom called me upset about having to cancel all of her weekly groups. She knows everyone in this county and the next, so that was a lot of canceled meetings. I explained the concept of group video conferencing, which she loved. But then I spent the next five days of my life and every last drop of patience walking her through the process, helping her connect with others, and troubleshooting. It could be residual trauma from that experience that makes me laugh so much at this SNL skit but whatever the reason, they really found the funny in what is generally exasperating!

Kids at Home

If I’m being honest, I think I have it easy when it comes to the kids’ part of lockdown. They are both older, understand what’s going on, and can generally follow instructions. (Note: I said CAN follow instructions. That does not always mean they WILL.) It would have been a much different story ten years ago. However, my youngest is still insanely active at twelve. He really needs all of the classes and soccer practices and hangouts. All of those have boiled down to just me now. I spend ninety percent of my day keeping him occupied. He’s taken up slacklining, gardening, outside exercise routines, guitar, piano, YouTube video making, gathering things to sell online, and so on. But of course, he needs me right there to … supervise? Whatever my son’s reasons, I feel a kinship with this guy who’s worn out after a day with his toddler!

Keeping Fit

We all approach physical health differently when the options were limited to just you at home. This guy, who broke down responses by Enneagram personality type, really understands people. I’m a sucker for these types of things anyway, but every one of his representations matched the people in my family with those types. It was so funny because it was true! Even if you don’t know you’re number, you’ll probably recognize yourself. You can also have pity for me, who has a teenage 5 at home.

Falling into Stereotypes

The Dude Perfect guys made this video of Quarantine Stereotypes. My first thought was that there were way too many, until I started watching them. Seriously, I know one of every type. And an embarrassing number of them are people under my own roof! I also love that they made it a fundraiser for Feeding America because we all know that, for some people, there is nothing funny about this time of crisis.

However you find yourself, I hope that you can also find a moment to laugh. None of this is pretty but we are not alone. Be kind to yourself and be extra kind to others!

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