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Fall in Love with Facebook Marketing

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September 11, 2012

Whether you are blogging to get traffic, selling your products online, or providing services to clients, your main goal is to spread the word about what you offer to as many people as possible – in other words, marketing.

Many shy away from the term “marketing,” thinking it’s more for large companies or those ultra-serious business-builders.   However, today’s marketing is more about making a connection with your potential audience or buyer, and then helping them understand how your product or service will meet their needs or fill their desires.

While there are many different marketing tactics that can be used to help you spread the word, social media has become a very effective way to market.  This is because more buyers (aka your potential customers) hang out on social media.  So, if you want to connect with them, it’s wise to hang out there too.

Deciding on the best social platform is really determined by where the market you are targeting hangs out.  However, with Facebook being “home” to over 955 million users as of June 2012, it’s pretty safe to say you’ll find many of your ideal prospects there.

If you’re ready to implement a winning social media marketing strategy, here are three tips to help you fall in love with Facebook marketing:

Post when you’re most likely to be heard.

Marketing on Facebook is about attracting and connecting with your ideal audience.  In order to attract and engage potential customers, your message must be heard.  This means publishing your posts during the hours you can reach the majority of your fans.

According to a recent study of 20 popular brands by YesMail, the highest level of activity on Facebook occurred during the hours of 10pm – 12pm ET.  However, this was the timeslot least used by marketers.

Another study based on Buddy Media’s 200 Fan Pages found that “engagement is highest at 4am, 7am, and 11pm, but that brands post the most during business hours.”

Try experimenting with posting at different times of the day, such as early mornings (4am – 7am ET), late evenings (10pm – 12am ET), and on weekends.  Mix it up and track the type of response you get over a week or two. Use this information to plan your social media schedule. 

Get More Visual

One way to make your Facebook page and posts more appealing is to use photos.  Photos stand out more by taking up more space in the newsfeed, while being more visible than sharing just a link.

Some ideas for incorporating more photos on Facebook are:

  • When sharing a blog post, upload an image from the post and include the link in the status update.
  • Share image quotes, or upload a royalty-free image along with a quote posted in your status update.
  • Create a small infographic or instructional image, and include it with a link to more information.

As people share your photos, your Facebook page name will travel along with it, giving you more visibility.

Plan Ahead

Marketing on Facebook doesn’t have to consume every minute of your day.  By planning ahead and scheduling your posts, you can better manage your time spent marketing.  There are several third-party scheduling tools that allow you to pre-schedule posts, such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, and SproutSocial.  However, Facebook recently introduced functionality that allows page admins to schedule posts on their page to be published at a later date or time.

Not all posts should be scheduled, however.  Allow a few minutes a day for timely posts and for responding to your page’s commenters.

By implementing these tips, you can fall in love with Facebook marketing and reach your ultimate business goals.


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