Fall Funnies: The Best and Worst of Autumn and Kids

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October 20, 2015

Pretty much every mom groans in disbelief when they glance down at their calendar. How in the world did we get half way through October?! In honor of standing solidly in the season, I decided to get the real picture of Fall from a variety of moms. I asked them about the best, worst, and most ridiculous parts of Autumn and got these gems below. Read along for smiles, and perhaps a few chuckles, as you recognize your life in their answers!


“We do Fall pictures every year, so I dress the boys up in flannel shirts for that ‘fall look’ then it always ends up being 100 degrees.”

“My girls insist on wearing boots because it’s Fall but also insist on wearing shorts because it’s hot. They can’t make up their minds!”

“Freezing your butt off in coats and hats while your friends on Facebook are posting pictures in shorts griping about how hot it is.” (or vice versa!)

“Football jerseys suddenly count as every day and formal wear.”


Dear Children: I gave you life, you give me your Reese Cups.:

“The pumpkin stuff … most of it doesn’t even have pumpkin in it! It drives me crazy.”

“Pumpkin puree everything.”

“Burning my pumpkin pie candles. It makes me feel like I baked something yummy, without actually having to do it!”

“Candy corn is my happy place. I can’t get enough of them. Even better, when they are the little pumpkins so you get a bigger bite!”

“Everyone else gets so excited for Pumpkin Spice season and I’m the only one thinking that if it’s not in a pie, I don’t want it.”

“Hoping they get dark chocolate in their candy buckets!”

Things We Do

Fall is beautiful. Raking leaves is a pain in the butt!:

“Every weekend, we’ve got football on in one room and some stupid tween Halloween movie on in the other!”

“Non. Stop. Soccer.”

“My boys and I love going to the candle store to smell them all and pick out the right one. And that’s saying a lot because they have so many fall scents to choose from!”

“I get so irritated going to the pumpkin patch. It’s dirty, pricey, mayhem.”

“Living on a street with a bunch of over-achievers and you are that one family that doesn’t stay on top of raking their leaves.”


“When parents bring brand new babies to the door in costumes. They’re adorable but those parents aren’t fooling anyone. That candy isn’t being put away ‘in trust’ for when the baby is old enough to eat it! Although, I always think that the new mom probably deserves it.”

“It cracks me up when teenagers come trick or treating. They wear their sports uniforms, or drag, or a crazy hat and try to pull it off as a costume.”

“My son gets schizophrenic about costumes. Every day of the month he wants to be something different from Percy Jackson to a Jet pilot. Eventually, I have to just pin him down.”

“Pretty much everything my kids play includes zombies, ghosts, vampires or some combination of the three.”

Christmas Is Coming

#Christmas #ideas #shopping Let me help you get started:

“As a photographer, Fall is all about photo shoots for me. I end up being asked to duct tape kids for ‘Silent Night’ pictures or wrap lights around families. One engagement shoot asked me to repel down a cliff with all my gear! I didn’t want to be the uncool photographer that said no!”

“How about the fact that it’s not even Halloween yet and stores already have their Christmas stuff out already!”

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