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Extreme Summer: This Ain’t Your Momma’s Water Play

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August 12, 2014

It’s the second week of August. Some kids are already back to school. Labor Day creeps closer and we know that summer, the season of fun and adventure, is on its way out. But before we say goodbye, let’s look at the craziest, strangest, and biggest water fun available (perhaps you can plan your summer trip next year to one of these spots!

Dangerous Beaches

Image Source

Image Source

Hopefully your travels didn’t take you to a beach on Cape Tribulation in the North Territory of Australia. Jellyfish pack the waters there so that you can’t even go for a swim. And people at New Smyrna Beach in Florida keep jumping in even though it is statistically the most likely place for a shark attack … in the world!

Random Wash Ups

If you like beaches, but not the dangerous wildlife, you might want to try an island in the North Sea. In 2007, thousands of bananas washed up to fill the shore. And instead of shark infested waters, the Outer Banks, North Carolina offered a beach full of bags of Doritos, although humans had to fight the seagulls to grab them!


Stick to the Beach

While at the beach, you could take a stab at building the world’s biggest sandcastle. Right now, this beauty from Point Pleasant holds the record at 38.17 feet.

Take a Swim

Beach not your thing? You could go fresh water swimming in a river. Martin Strel keeps setting and then breaking records for swimming big rivers like the Mississippi, the Danube, and the Yangtze. He most recently set a new record by swimming the Amazon, all 3,724 miles of it!

Slip and Slide

Maybe you want to stay away from all of the nature water play. You might want to try water slides. “The Verrückt,” German for crazy, is the world’s tallest slide.

Or if you want scare-your-eyeballs-out-of-your-face with a twist, head to The Scorpion’s Tail in Wisconsin. You stand in a capsule where they take the floor out from under you, send you down a drop, then through a loop before landing.

You can enjoy tamer thrills in the world’s largest swimming pool on a beach in Chile. It goes for over 3000 feet along the beach sand. The deep end measures an unbelievable 115 feet!

Wherever your adventures take you, stay safe and have fun!

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