August 15, 2016

With the Games in Rio in full swing, you’re probably seeing a lot of sports on TV and in the news. Whether you’re a fan of the Olympics or not, there’s one part of the show that almost no one can resist, and that’s the commercials.

Much like the Super Bowl, the commercials played during the Games will make you both laugh and cry with a few bars of music and an inspiring story. Companies pay millions of dollars making sure you do! And even though it feels a bit like giving in to “the man,” I’m a sucker for those sentimental and inspirational two minutes.

Here are the Top Five Get-You-Right-in-the-Heart Olympic ad spots for 2016.

1. Moms

P&G does a good job every two years piercing parents’ hearts with their sweet commercials honoring the time and effort put in by the athletes’ parents.  This year they made several different segments that highlight a specific family, but it’s the one that shows all of them that really shines.  It’s the parent crying in the seat as their child wins gold that gets me. Every. Time. Because who wouldn’t love to see their children conquer the odds and achieve their life-long dreams?

2. Triumph

We all love the stories of athletes overcoming obstacles to make it to this prestigious competition. Samsung tells the story of a young girl from South Sudan.  We follow as she grows and trains—and then walks into the Olympic stadium in Brazil.

3. Tough

The tag line alone, “Perfect isn’t Pretty,” makes this Gillette commercial.  We watch three men train until they break, then work some more. The message of hard work and perseverance through failure might make you want to take a trip to the gym. Or at least go for a walk!

4. Girl Power

To give equal time to women in sports, this Under Armour, “Rule Yourself” spot shows the intense physicality and work ethic of women gymnasts as they train in the early morning and late at night.

5. One World

My favorite part of the Olympic Games has nothing to do with the competition. I love that people from all corners of the globe come together with a spirit of cooperation and respect.  This last commercial from Apple reflects this idea of unity with Maya Angelou’s poem, “Human Family.” It’s a moving tribute, and when it came on, my whole family stopped talking to listen.

I hope that, sports lover or not, these stories inspire you to achieve your own measure of greatness—whatever form that may take!