Frozen, Star Wars & Mission Impossible: The Piano Guys Bring Classic to Cool

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February 25, 2014

If you haven’t met The Piano Guys yet, you’re  missing out. This YouTube sensation hit the web with their first video in May 2011. Since then, they’ve gathered over 2.5 million subscribers, signed with Sony records, gone on tour, and created a body of work that challenges our perceptions of classical and popular music. They recently released this visually stunning mix of “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen and the classical piece, “Winter,” by Vivaldi.

Impressed? Check out the video they did for another animated film, Kung Fu Panda, filmed on the Great Wall of China! (Check out their behind the scenes videos to see their piano being lifted onto the Wall by crane.)

These guys don’t limit themselves to animated films. They spoofed Mission Impossible in this fun cooperation with popular violinist, Lindsey Stirling.

Not long ago, this Cello Wars video, a spoof of Star Wars, went viral, delighting kids and grown-ups everywhere!

You can also find The Piano Guys lending their own style and scope to popular hits. Like giving Coldplay an African twist.

Or this mellower video, mixing One Republic with Beethoven.

Whatever your outlook on classical music and instruments, you will find something within The Piano Guys’ work that connects. Anyone can see the amount of thought and creativity each new production receives.


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