August 21, 2012

Picking a movie for date night can land you in some pretty precarious territory. Pick a movie with too much romance, and the guy checks out for the night. Too many explosions; the girl loses interest. The best way to choose the perfect date night movie is to walk the fine line between a fast-moving plot and a little bit of love. Want to impress your significant other with your amazing movie-choice skills? Pick the perfect flick for making your move or a chill night in.

“Date Night” – Okay, Okay, don’t start rolling your eyes just yet. While “Date Night” might be the most obvious choice for a date night ever, it’s actually the perfect flick to watch with your significant other. For one, it has Steve Carell and Tina Fey. In case you’ve never examined the laws of the universe, they clearly state that all guys dig Steve Carell and all chicks have girl crushes on Tina Fey. Then, the movie centers on a couple who has lost the spark in their relationship; sound familiar? They go on a crazy mixed-identity adventure and find out they aren’t as boring as they thought they were. Plus, Mark Wahlberg takes his shirt off.
“Fired Up!” – If you’re trying to get your boyfriend to watch a cheerleading movie, it’s not going to go well. Most cheerleader movies center on female squads, so there’s eye candy, but not too much excitement for men. Enter “Fired Up!” a movie about football players who fake their way onto a squad so they can attend cheer camp and hook up with all the babes. It’s super witty and sarcastic, so you’ll get to watch the cheer drama with plenty of the “dude” factor for guys, too.
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” – It’s pretty undeniable that most people love the MI movies; there’s a ton of action, mysteries, and high stakes. “Ghost Protocol” is the newest in the franchise, and despite the fact that Tom Cruise went a little off the deep end in the last few years, he’s back in full force. Guys will love the crazy stunts; there’s a scene where Cruise literally runs down a glass building. Women will love that Paula Patton has a hardcore starring role, and uses her femininity to its fullest advantage. There might even be a little romance in the mix, making it a solid pick for date night.
Wedding Singer” – Seriously, what guy doesn’t love an Adam Sandler movie? Sure, they aren’t all winners, but “The Wedding Singer” is one of the best. “The Wedding Singer,” or “50 First Dates” are the best two Sandler picks for watching with a female companion. You’ll get the humor of Adam Sandler with a little bit of romance for the perfect date night balance. Added bonus? You’ll get to kick it to ’80s music, which makes it a good flick to watch again and again together. I may or may not own the soundtrack.
“The Proposal” – Ladies, a warning: Do not get this movie in the hopes that your foot-dragging boyfriend will get the message and propose, because it’s not that type of movie. Instead, Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock make sweet movie magic by faking a proposal so she can nab a green card. A weekend in Alaska ensues, making you simultaneously want to move there and also learn more about the American immigrations process. It’s funny and sweet, making it perfect for the two of you. Just no meaningful glances when the proposal happens, okay?

Hey, a night at home doesn’t have to be a total snooze-fest! Grab a movie that you can both agree on and you can save a few bucks on seeing a flick in the theater. Cheap and satisfying pretty much makes for the perfect night.