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DVR Watch: 2012 Summer Shows

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July 4, 2012

When it comes to anticipating great television shows, most people look to the fall lineup. Usually these shows can carry you through the end of spring, but summer is notorious for having little to offer.  While it’s good to get outside and take advantage of the warmer weather, most of us still want to enjoy at least a little couch potato time. Fortunately, there are some great shows on right now to help us get through the summer months.

True Blood (HBO) – Based on the Sookie Stackhouse novel series by Charlaine Harris, this show has it all – romance, action, vampires, werewolves (and other supernatural things), great acting and equally good writing.  The new season has just begun so it’s a great time to start watching but be forewarned: there is a lot of strong language, violence and nudity – which may not appeal to all audiences.

Bachelor Pad (ABC) – Everyone’s favorite spin-off is back for another season with former cast members from previous seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.  Last season was downright explosive with former bachelor, Jake Pavelka, the woman he chose (and later broke up with), Vienna Girardi, and her current boyfriend, Kasey Kahl, squaring off on a near daily basis.  While this season may not have the same level of drama, it’s definitely worth watching. You never know what’s going to happen with love and money on the line.

The Choice (Fox) – If you’re familiar with the popular singing competition, The Voice, then you will understand the format of this dating show.  Hosted by Cat Deely (So You Think You Can Dance), The Choice has four eligible celebrity bachelors (a new set every week) who will have to choose a potential date based only on the sound of their voice and the things they say. If they like what they hear, they hit the button to turn their chair around. If more than one celebrity chooses the same girl, she has to choose which bachelor she’s most interested in.  It is surprising to see what these famous guys like and what they are willing to pass up.

Dallas (TNT) – Who shot JR Ewing? Remember when that question was all anyone could talk about? The epic cliffhanger became part of popular culture and has been spoofed many times (and even inspired an episode of The Simpsons). The loyal fanbase of the original series is undeniable, which is why so many are hoping that this reboot is worth resurrecting such a classic. With Patrick Duffy and Larry Hagman reprising their roles, it is bound to attract at least some curiosity from former viewers but will it be enough to keep this going? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

Anger Management (FX) – Charlie Sheen is returning to television in a show with a plot that I’m sure he will have a tough time relating to – he plays a man named Charlie who has problems controlling his anger.  In an effort to overcome his problems, he decides to try to become an anger management therapist.  The show also stars Selma Blair (his therapist and likely object of his affection) and it is rumored that Sheen’s ex-wife, Denise Richards, will have a small role on the show.  In case you’re wondering, yes, this series is based on the Jack Nicholson/Adam Sandler movie of the same name.

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