Dinosaurs and Spies: June 2015 Movies

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June 3, 2015

It’s finally June which means we are well into summer blockbuster season! The weather is warm, the delicious scent of backyard cookouts fills the air and there’s always something fun playing in theaters. Life is good! This month, we have some original, standalone films, sequels and a follow-up to a television show from which to choose.

Friday, June 5

Spy – For years, Susan Cooper has been the unassuming force behind some of the CIA’s most dangerous missions. Things change drastically, however, when the unsung hero, who typically works as an analyst from her desk, is thrown into the field when a top agent is compromised and her partner disappears. Will she be able to help the Agency avoid global disaster?

Insidious: Chapter 3 – This second sequel is said to be just as terrifying as the other films in the franchise. This installment goes back to a time before the Lambert family were haunted and focuses on Elise Rainier, a young psychic who agrees to use her abilities to help the spirit of a teenage girl. Unfortunately, this makes her the target of a powerful supernatural entity.

Entourage – After years of anticipation, it’s finally here. Fans of HBO’s Entourage have been waiting to find out what happened to Vincent Chase and his group of friends, Eric, Turtle and Johnny. In the film, Chase and his agent (who is now the head of a studio), Ari Gold, do their best to remain afloat as they navigate treacherous waters in cutthroat Hollywood.

Friday, June 12

Jurassic World – It’s hard to believe that it has been 22 years since the original Jurassic Park was released but this is a great way to honor the anniversary. This newest installment follows the events at Jurassic World, an adventure park that is reminiscent of Sea World and conducts behavioral research on Velociraptors. Park worker, Owen, must do his best to help contain the damage when a new attraction, developed in hopes of improving waning attendance rates, goes terribly wrong.

Friday, June 19

Inside Out – This unique film is set inside the mind of a young girl named Riley. As she goes through life, five emotions – joy, anger, disgust, fear and sadness – (portrayed by actual actors) play a prominent role as she transitions from her life in the Midwest to a brand new existence in San Francisco after her father accepts a new job.

Dope – While Malcolm does his best to manage college applications, academic interviews and preparing for the SAT, he’s also doing his best to survive life in a tough area of Los Angeles. His life could change drastically, however, after he accepts an invitation to an underground party.

Friday, June 26

Ted 2 – He’s back! The foul-mouthed, talking teddy bear that won the hearts of audiences returns in this sequel that sees him dealing some of the social issues facing many Americans today. Ted and his new wife want to adopt a child but their plans hit a major snag when the courts tell Ted that he cannot be a father until he can prove that he’s even a person.

What films are you planning to see this month?

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