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February 28, 2013

My days are busy, and full of mom madness, so I often find myself reveling in the small moments. The first sip of coffee before the kids wake up. Opening up a new book to read in the five minutes of quiet. Getting a bear hug when I pick up my five-year-old from Kindergarten. It’s important to find these bits of time, and it’s really not that hard. Delightful moments pop up in everyday life, but sometimes we’re too busy to really appreciate them. GEICO wants to make sure your day is full of delight.

I know what you’re thinking… an insurance company? But really, GEICO customers know that calling their insurance company is not something to dread.  GEICO customer service representatives do everything they can to make sure you have a delightful experience. Whether you’re calling for the first time, or you have GEICO on speed-dial, GEICO reps can’t be happy until their customers are delighted. GEICO wants non-customers to be delighted too, so they have created Delight by GEICO Customer Service. Get a quick bite of delight with a “10 Seconds of Delight” video featuring Jim from GEICO customer service and some adorable guest stars. Take 10 seconds to watch. It’s cause for delight!


Our SocialMoms members also want to share their delight:

  • The Suburban Jungle says unexpected thanks can brighten her day. “But then, out of the blue, one of my kids will say thank you for something I’ve done. Usually something small and insignificant, but knowing that my small effort had a meaningful result, brightens my day.”
  • Mommy Gaga delights in the little things. Things like “After fighting to remove myself from my pillow to wake up early in the morning, I LOVE the smell of hot, fresh coffee brewing. The first cup is bliss” – and – “Getting a simple hug or hearing a simple “I love you” from one of my kids.”
  • Makobi Scribe believes good customer service is a great thing to delight in!. “I am talking about good customer service. So many companies these days do not give it, trust me! I was in a car accident with my son many, many years ago. I hit a train. Yeah, yeah I know…but I didn’t see it. This was 15 years ago and I had just switched my insurance over to Geico. Needless, to say I was freaking out. I didn’t know what to do. I was 23, and my car was totaled. As you can imagine I was on the phone with Geico a lot. Not once did they make me feel stupid for hitting a train (when I totally would have) or looked down on me for being a young mother.”

Check out more videos on their YouTube channel, or follow GEICO on Facebook or TwitterLeave a comment below, telling us your latest delightful moment, for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card! (See official rules.)

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