Dear Facebook … Or What I Won’t Be Doing on Social Media

April 20, 2015

What originally started as a way to reconnect with old friends and stay in touch with family has morphed into a very dysfunctional sales pitch. On an everyday basis, I watch people spin false realities on social media. And I know their online life is fake is because I know them personally. But watching this time and again, I have come to the conclusion that social media has allowed dysfunctional people to feed their dysfunctions even further.  For some, its like watching a train wreck that you can’t turn away from and I refuse to be a part of it.  So, although I can’t peel myself away from social media just yet, here are some things I won’t be doing on FB.

I refuse to condone your false reality. 

Yes I know the truth. I know your happy anniversary message to pookie bear isn’t so happy and that your recent tropical vacation was paid for with what should have been a mortgage payment.  Or that your recent weight loss was really due to some unhealthy stress levels in life. You don’t need to fool me or tell me otherwise. I liked the real you and am quickly losing respect for the social media you.

I will not boost your ego by liking your half naked selfies. 

Any normal person sees this as a clear cry for attention and honey, I’m not giving it. Superficial compliments are not going to solve your real problems. We all have insecurities. Go to counseling instead of broadcasting them to the world.

I won’t be a part of your downline.

I thought we were friends because you were so warm and friendly and now you’ve invited me to your online Jamberry Party, posted an annoying amount of photos for 3D lashes, want me to get healthy with Arbonne, look younger with Rodan & Fields, etc. Please don’t. I can see right through that multilevel marketing sales pitch and I will not purchase any of it.  If am simply a prospect to make you money, then please just defriend me.

I won’t repost to prove I love my family.

I love my children, but I will not post a meme that says “repost if you love your children, daughter, son, etc. Really, it was probably started as a way for child predators to get to your precious photos.  Don’t do it.

What I will be doing is cheering for your success, encouraging you through life’s trials and staying touch with those I care about. I commit to you that I will be real.  You will know when life is great. You will also know when I am frustrated or when I am down, because life is not a picture book on Instagram. Instead, it’s a complicated obstacle course that we all navigate to our best ability. And no one has completed it perfectly.

So I challenge all my friends out there to be real and stop putting pressure on yourself or others to be Pinterest perfect, because nothing ever is. Real life is much more important than online life whatever you make of it.

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