Creating Fairy Gardens: Capture the Magic of Spring

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March 31, 2014

Spring has sprung, and with it – the urge to get outdoors with the family. Why not try a new project this year and create a fairy garden together? The beauty of this type of activities is that it doesn’t just get them digging in the dirt and caring for something, it also taps into creativity, imagination, and magic. You can find instructions for all sorts of fairy gardens on the internet, but they tend to tell you exactly what materials to use and how to use it. I would encourage you, instead, to invent something from your own surroundings that reflects your family. Here are some steps to help you think through and create your own masterpiece.

Step 1: Pick a Place

Do you have a funky tree stump around your home or a space in your garden that can serve as a hideaway for the wee folk? Or maybe a separate container would serve your family better. Find something that suits your needs. We live with hundreds of rabbits, so our garden lives in a hanging pot. You might use a painted coffee can or half a whiskey barrel. Which spot works best for your family?

Step 2: Build From What Sparks Your Fancy

It’s up to you and your kids if your fairies need a house or a hammock, a table or a bathtub. Many craft stores and online websites offer trinkets you can use it enhance your decorations. However, you don’t need to buy anything special. You can collect sticks to make a bridge or small pebbles to form a path. Grab a fork from the kitchen to hang a sign. Flip a thimble from your sewing kit to pull up to a mini table. It’s easy to think of these as “girly” but here is no reason a fairy wouldn’t love a few race cars or dinosaurs among their plants, so don’t limit yourselves.

Step 3: Beautify with Blooms

Fill your newly constructed fairy pad with plants of all colors and sizes. Just make sure to check that the flowers you chose will grow well in the area you will put them. Also, consider how much attention you will be able to give them. If you won’t have a lot of time to care for your creation, use plants that can thrive with little attention.

Step 4: Have Fun with It

Your project is just a stepping stone to more creative and magical fun. Write notes to the fairies that live in the garden and maybe they can write back. You can inspect the area to see if they moved any of the furniture around or left a glittery trail.  Many cities hold fairy festivals where you can display your work. If not, gather a mini festival to make and display what you’ve imagined!

Whether you end of with a mixed up mash of random objects or a more formal outlay from a store, let your style and creativity shine!

photo credit: Clarissa Peterson via photopin cc

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