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Classic Outdoor Games To Get Kids Outside

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April 24, 2020

Now that everyone is working and learning from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, are the kids going stir crazy yet? It can be a challenge on the best of days to keep the kids busy and occupied. But, when they cannot visit with their friends or go to the park, it is even more of a challenge for many parents.

While many outdoor games kept our parents and grandparents occupied before video games and smartphones, they aren’t as common today. But, that doesn’t mean that the kids won’t have fun playing them. While some are played by just one person, others are best played by two or three. So, send your children outside for a few hours in the backyard to try one of the following:

Marbles were one of my father’s favorite class kids’ games. All you need is a bag of different sized marbles and a flat surface. While it’s easiest to play in the dirt—since you need to draw a circle—you can get creative and use a flat surface and a piece of chalk. Marbles can be played alone or with a few other people.

Jump rope is another game that can be played alone or with a few other people. Challenge yourself to see how many times you can jump in a row without missing. If you only have two people, you can tie one end of the rope to a tree or a pole and take turns jumping.

Hopscotch is another classic kids’ game that can be played outside. And, you can easily play with just one person. You will need a sidewalk or a driveway and a few pieces of chalk. Then, just make the hopscotch grid and see who wins the most games.

Simon Says can keep the kids occupied for a while. And, best of all you can play this inside or out. You will need at least two people—preferably three—so why not have the parents join in for a fun game? You’ll be surprised how hard it is to win.

Send the kids on a scavenger hunt in the backyard. There are lots of free printable scavenger hunt games on Pinterest. Just print one out and send the kids out into the backyard to find things on their list. They’ll need to be extra observant to find things like ladybugs and birds. And, they will need to pay attention to detail to find different types of flowers and trees.

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