Celebrating Fathers-to-Be on Father’s Day

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June 6, 2016

When Mother’s Day and Father’s Day roll around, it can be tough to know whether to include expectant parents but, really, why wouldn’t we? They are already caring for their child by preparing for their arrival. Interestingly enough, we seem more willing to include pregnant mamas but how wonderful would it be to also extend the love to the excited father-to-be? Here are some great ways to make him feel special on Father’s Day!

Framed Ultrasound  

If you’ve had an ultrasound, chances are your baby has had their first photoshoot. Some people love putting this image in a baby book but you can also print, frame it and give it to a future daddy for a truly heartfelt gift.

Cool T-Shirt  

Who doesn’t like a cool t-shirt? There are some that range from adorable to clever and comical that would be perfect gifts for an expectant father. Need inspiration? Check out this collection on Pinterest. He will be proud to show the world just how happy he is about the impending arrival.

Daddy Books  

Your baby may not be born yet but you want to foster their love of reading from an early age! Why not get some adorable books to help dad get in the habit of ready to baby every night? You might be surprised by how choked up he gets when he thumbs through a story about the love between a father and his son and/or daughter. So sweet.

Sports Gear  

Is the expectant father a sports fan? If so, consider buying some baby gear (jerseys, blankets, pacifiers, etc…) featuring his favorite team’s logo. It will make him feel like he and his child(ren) are already rooting for the same side before they are even born.


The baby is on the way and you’re both preoccupied with getting things ready. This process often includes working extra hours, picking paint colors for the nursery, seemingly endless trips to the doctor for exams and tests and you still haven’t chosen a name! This is a great time to take some time away from it all for a babymoon where you can reconnect before everything changes. Some couples have the means to escape for a week to some exotic locale and, if you can, that’s great. Others might find it more realistic to plan a weekend getaway. Whatever you choose, keep it low key and focus on each other.

Have you ever honored a father-to-be? What ideas do you suggest for making Father’s Day special for them?

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