Celebrate Film’s Big Night – Host an Oscar Party

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February 22, 2012

Even if you only watch the Oscars for the red carpet fashion, inviting your besties over and watching it together makes an okay night into a memorable one.  Here’s how to throw an Oscar party your guests will look forward to on an annual basis:

Get inspired.
Sure you could go with a standard Oscar theme (red and gold anyone?) but why not get your creative juices flowing? Take a look at the films nominated for Best Picture and choose your theme around one (or more) of them. For instance, this year’s front runner is the silent film, The Artist. Take a cue from it and go for a black and white theme (bonus points if you have a dog willing to sport a bowtie) Same goes for the food – choose a selection of nibbles that relate back to the setting of one of the films (e.g. parisian treats inspired by Midnight in Paris).

Bet on it.
Even if you haven’t seen a single flick that’s nominated an Oscar pool is always a crowd pleaser. Pool Templatescan be found online, so all you have to do is decide on the wager, print off a bunch of copies and you’re ready to go. Consider branching out from the usual pools and include some of your own categories like hottest date or best dressed.

Break out the Bubbles.
Any red carpet event is a champagne worthy celebration.  If the price tag scares you away from the good stuff, you can find some great sparkling wines and prosecco that are affordable and just as good as the real thing.  Don’t forget to do something special for the designated drivers, nursing moms, or any pregnant friends – they deserve some bubbly too – as long as its non-alcoholic.  Instead of opting for plain soda, mimic pink champagne with Perrier and a splash of pomegranate juice.

Dress the Part.
As we get older, outside of major social events, we tend to dress up less. If you put on a frilly dress (or even your wedding dress) on the night of the Academy Awards, when can you? Pull out all the stops and the photos from the party will be ones that you’ll laugh about forever.

Now that you’ve set the stage, you’re ready to enjoy the night. Even if the show is a drag, you’re party won’t be.  And the Oscar goes to…

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