Catch the Luck of the Irish: Three Easy and Fun Leprechaun Traps

March 11, 2019

St. Patrick’s Day is nearly here and a newfangled assignment is suddenly appearing in elementary schools nationwide: the leprechaun trap.

Largely unknown in Ireland, the official birthplace of leprechauns, these homemade contraptions, designed to catch the spry little elf-like men that remain at large in March, are on their way to becoming a tradition in classrooms and homes everywhere. Even the Wall Street Journal is reporting on this newfangled, St. Patty’s Day phenomenon.

Set your trap out the night before St. Patrick’s Day in an attempt to catch the elusive leprechaun. It’s difficult to catch a live leprechaun, but some generous ones have been known to leave behind glittery footprints and a little surprise—just hope it’s not leprechaun poop!

Here are three easy and fun leprechaun traps serve as inspiration.

1. Cereal Box Leprechaun Trap

Leprechauns love rainbows and sugar, so grab a box of Lucky Charms, the leprechaun cereal of choice, and set a breakfast-time trap. “This leprechaun trap is a fun St. Patrick’s Day craft to do with the kids, and most of the supplies you’ll probably already have on hand,” shares kids n’ crafts blogger Amanda. It also makes the perfect classroom project!” Find the full instructions at Crafts by Amanda.

2. LEGO Leprechaun Trap

“Almost anything can be used in creating a leprechaun trap,” shares blogger Kate of ablondeand3boys.com. “Once kids come up with a plan, have them gather up materials—such as cardboard boxes, pipe cleaners, construction paper, craft Popsicle sticks or Lego bricks—and let them build. For pitfall traps, remember to add some sort of padding at the bottom to cushion the leprechaun’s fall. What do leprechauns love most? Gold! Everyone knows leprechauns have a pot full of gold hidden at the end of every rainbow, and they’re always on the lookout for more treasure. Pick up a bag of fake gold coins from the dollar store, or have kids create their own and bait the trap.”

Get the full plans for a trusty LEGO leprechaun trap at ablondeand3boys.com.

3. Leprechaun Cake Trap

One of the most effective ways to trap a leprechaun is to tempt them with sweets. “This may look like a perfectly innocent cake meant to lure a leprechaun to the top but it has a few secrets,” shares Megan, the blogger behind not martha. “Secret #1: Beneath the pile of gold coins are fragile bars, when the leprechaun approaches to grab the coins he’ll fall into the pit and be trapped. Secret #2: There is a rainbow hiding inside the cake. The leprechaun will discover this as he eats his way to freedom.”

Find all the instructions for this delicious, edible trap at not martha.

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