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Camp YouTube: Four Great Science Videos

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June 26, 2017

These days, there are so many summer camps for kids that you could enroll your children in a different one every week and never try them all. Meanwhile, you’d get to the bottom of your wallet very quickly! When I mentioned this dilemma to a friend, she told me about her son’s new hobby. He has been using YouTube to learn about anything and everything that strikes his fancy. While her son happily satisfies his curiosity, my friend has been able to get some work done. He’s essentially running his own camp at home—for free!

As I browsed the many educational videos on YouTube, I found an amazing number of options. I narrowed my focus to science for every age, and found hundreds of cool science experiments. The videos provide clear explanations, including background theory in many cases.  Here are a few examples:

Start With the Basics

Every science program worth its admission is going to be grounded in the scientific method. This video features a catchy song that describes the scientific method in simple terms, and is a great way for your child to start his or her summer science explorations.

Building a Thermometer

Kids love to learn from other kids and this young girl, Mya, has created several wonderful videos. Her lessons provide step-by-step instructions for how to conduct each experiment, and simple explanations of the results. I particularly appreciate the fact that the ingredients for the experiments are easy to find.

Water Density and Mixing

National Geographic Kids offers a number of wonderful videos. The experiments are easy to follow, and each video includes an explanation of what happened and why it worked. Like Mya’s videos (above), your kids will be learning from other kids, which makes the process much more fun.

Something for the Little Ones

Young children can’t conduct experiments without adult supervision, but Sesame Street’s Grover makes the process easy and fun. The steps are simple and clear, and Grover is a fun and entertaining teacher. I enjoyed this video myself!

Find more videos at YouTube Edu, and science videos for older kids at Khan Academy. Do you have recommendations for summer learning?

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