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Camp YouTube: 3 Amazing Fine Arts Videos

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July 27, 2017

These days, many schools have to cut budgets to the bone and, sadly, the arts are usually the first programs to go. Most parents sense intuitively what studies confirm: learning about and creating art is about much more than making pretty things. Doing artwork enhances creativity, cognition, dexterity, and mental flexibility.

If your time and bank accounts are limitless, you can make up for the loss of art in school by subsidizing your child’s education with classes and summer camps. That’s not the case for most families, which is why I recommend Camp YouTube: The Arts (check out my earlier piece: Camp YouTube: Four Great Science Videos). Note: these art projects require supplies you may not have on hand at home.

This collection of videos is not comprehensive, of course. Spend a little time on YouTube, and you’ll find many videos to jumpstart or encourage your child’s creative interests.


Drawing instructions on YouTube have often kept my son happy when there were tasks I had to get done. Our walls are decorated with a variety of amazing pictures he drew with the help of different videos. My favorite drawing lessons are on the channel, Art For Kids, which features an artist and a young boy who both draw the same piece. I love that kids get the specific instructions and examples from a grown up, but also get to see someone their own age interpret those instructions. Check out this duo’s other videos, as they have made a number of excellent ones.


Another great adult and kid duo art team can be found at Createful Kids. The two featured here lead kids through a step-by-step painting process, like the painting group classes that are so popular now. The adult also offers extras, including art terms, a supplies list, and answers to follow-up questions. on her website.


Learning a musical instrument takes more than a single video, but I absolutely love that a child can receive a lesson on the ukulele from a musician in Maui! What I appreciate about this content is that she teaches a few basic skills while helping children learn to play The Birthday Song. Kids won’t walk away with a developed musical talent, of course, but they will be able to produce a recognizable song. Working toward a specific goal is great for motivation—and your child can showcase her skills at the next birthday party she attends.

If your child has a piano or guitar at home, you can find lessons on how to play The Birthday Song for those instruments, too.

Summer doesn’t have to be a loss when it comes to learning, and it doesn’t have to be wildly expensive, either. Camp YouTube is always in session!

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