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PinaTwitBook? Where To Spend Your Social Media Efforts

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March 23, 2012

The best thing about the Internet, despite the fact that one person can Google anything in the world and become an instant expert, is that you can connect with anyone you want through social media. Social media is “web based technology and applications that turn communication into interactive dialogue” – the perfect place for bloggers and social butterflies to flourish.

As a blogger, using social media is a great way to bring new readers to your website and spread the word about new blog posts and promotions. Social networking is also the perfect to tool to meet new bloggers and make connections – whether you plan on monetizing your blog or transforming into a full fledged writer.

The only problem with social media? Social networking platforms are always forming, changing, and re-inventing themselves. With so many choices from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and more, it can easily be overwhelming for a blogger to stretch their time and efforts.

When a handful of Social Media Moms were asked 3 questions in a recent survey, the results were interesting:

  • 90% of social media moms who took the survey, identified themselves as bloggers.
  • 50% stated that most of their traffic came from Facebook, while 25% said most of it was from Twitter. The other 25% said their traffic came from Pinterest.
  • 55% of moms said their favorite place to interact with other people was Facebook, while 25% said Twitter. 20% of social media moms said they preferred Pinterest.

One thing that was extremely interesting in the results of this survey was that even though Google+ was an option on every question, not one single person chose Google+ as a place to interact with their audience.

Facebook has and will be (at least for a while), a great place to keep your audience updated. Most people have Facebook accounts to keep in touch with their high school flames or keep family members across the globe up to date on their daily life. Naturally, if your audience spends a great deal of their time on Facebook, spending time on their as well will reap great benefits to your blog and for your own personal networking goals.

Twitter has been a great social networking outlet for bloggers as it is a quick and easy way to stay in touch. Unfortunately it has also become what people think of a “crowded lunchroom.” It still is a great place to connect, but it can be hard to “find a table,” sit, and make genuine conversations. It can be even harder now to get noticed as conversations fly by a mile a minute. The survey shows that even though it still is a great place to bring awareness to your blog, it isn’t the first choice for many bloggers.

The newest heavy hitters to the social media game are Pinterest and Google+. Even though Pinterest is still relatively new, there is a significant percentage of bloggers getting readers by using Pinterest.

One can easily get the impression that bloggers have yet to figure out how to incorporate Google+ into their blogs and social media day to day life. It may just be they are unsure if their readers are there to begin with. Creating a Google+ page for your blog won’t hurt, and could help you get ready for when (and if) Google makes their platform more approachable and friendly.

Currently, Facebook seems to be leading the way in blogger/social media interaction. Some essential Facebook tips would be to create a Facebook page for your blog and to use your page to do more than just update. Use that space to interact with your audience, ask questions, and take polls. Take a picture of your dinner, post the recipe, and see who is up at 5am with you. By becoming more personal in social media, you remind people that you are actually a real person.

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