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Blog of the Week: Dear Button

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April 1, 2012

Congratulations to Dear Button: the SocialMoms Blog of the Week!

Dear Button is a place where K and her husband document the trials and tribulations of parenting their new baby (Button). K shares their adventures–in becoming parents, navigating the city, trying to maintain an urban lifestyle, being a freelance designer, crafting, starting a retail shop and traveling the world–all with baby in tow.

I recently chatted with K about her site:

SM: What was your inspiration for starting your site?

I first started my blog back in early 2011 to keep family and friends from afar up to date on my pregnancy. Once the baby arrived, I took the blog public and started documenting our lives as a new family living in NYC and all the struggles, tears, smiles and victories that come with this wonderful new life.

SM: What has most surprised you about running the site?

All of the other mom bloggers out there who are so friendly and open. There is a real community of women (and some men too!) who want to share their stories so the rest of us can learn from them.

SM: What are you most passionate about?

Raising a well-rounded child with a strong character, a creative spirit and a craving for adventure.

SM: What is the most popular section of your site?

Our Dear Button Posts. Fun, honest and sometimes silly words of wisdom to our little one, written by my husband.

SM: What is your favorite part of blogging?

I love doing the restaurant reviews. I will never go to a place where I anticipate a bad experience. So I like to talk to other people who might have been there so I can get a gauge on the service, atmosphere and attitude. I also like to read other reviews and always check to see if it’s kid friendly. It’s been so surprising how many restaurants, especially some higher end establishments, that have been so open and welcoming to me and Button. Since little Button is eating everything in site at this point, it’s been fun to order food for her and see how she likes it.

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