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November 13, 2011

Congratulations to The ButterBottom Blog: the SocialMoms Blog of the Week!

While we typically feature Social MOMS blogs, this time I thought I’d feature a Social DAD. Because ultimately, we’re all in this parenting space together. I enjoy follow Richard’s thoughts and his great sense of humor. As he puts it, The ButterBottom blog is the blog that is strong enough for a man, but made for a woman. After years of working on Wall St. and babysitting big egos, he and his family moved to sunny central Virginia and now he “babysits smaller people with even bigger egos.”

Here’s what else Richard had to say:

SM: What was your inspiration for starting The ButterBottom Blog

I started a clothing company under the ButterBottom brand (yea for me, I just got ButterBottom officially registered with the USPTO) and started blogging to try to build internet presence. But I wasn’t blogging about clothes or anything like that, just our stuff here at home. And I realized / remembered how much I love to write – I’ve always kept journals, written essays, wrote a children’s book (still unpublished – but written), etc… And the blog just took off from there.

SM: What has most surprised you about running the site?

Two things:
a) what posts some people love, that I didn’t think were that great or vice versa
b) the overwhelming internet knowledge I feel forced to learn about SEO, Alexa, Bounce Rates, gaining blog traffic, etc… etc…

SM: What are you most passionate about?

Family, family, family. Its all you have. My wife, kids and animals are the guiding force in my life (and yes my parents and sisters and in-laws count – in case they read this), but really planning our lives around our kids has been #1 for my wife and I.

SM: What is your favorite part of blogging?

I love the creative outlet. I stay at home with two boys and its nice to have an outlet. But I also look at the blog as a somewhat satirical, yet sincere love letter to my wife and kids as thats 90% of what I draw my inspiration from – no matter how much they bug me.

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