Birthday Basics: A Lego Party

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January 27, 2015

Nearly all kids can appreciate the fun of building with Legos, even if they don’t have them at home. My kids were lucky to get their uncles’ hand me downs in the form of a giant tub of Legos. They have always liked dumping them out and letting their creative juices loose. Then, a couple of years ago, my son wandered down an aisle in Target and discovered the packs of actual Lego items to construct, specifically Star Wars ships, and it became an obsession. It came as no surprise when this year he wanted a Lego party (although I talked him out of specifically Star Wars Legos). Two huge parties and a room decoration later, I was done with that theme! And this way all of his friends could enjoy the party.


doorPinterest alone could overload your brain with amazing Lego party decorations. Almost anything can be “Lego-fied” with some colored tissue paper and circles. Because I knew our guests would be busy building or playing outside, I chose only a few key items.

Guests arrived to a Lego door accented by a 7 (for the birthday boy). It received a lot of praise and admiration but was simply a colored plastic tablecloth taped to the door with matching colored plates taped at equal distance intervals down the front. The 7 was a flat Lego board with multi-colored pieces forming the number and a binder clip to hang it.

Inside, I used primary colors. I cut foam rectangles and circles to make hanging Legos and drew faces onto yellow balloons for Lego people. Similar to the 7 on the door, a “C” statue decorated the food area. The piñata doubled as a table decoration as well as yellow paper cups with faces that were for an outside game

Food cake

As usual, I kept the snacks easy. While searching for ideas, several molds for creating Lego shaped food appeared. Between those molds and primary colored food, someone who wanted to fancy the snacks up would find it a fun project.

The cake was a huge hit this year and ended up being one of the easiest. Rather than attempt to make one of the gorgeous cakes I saw online that looked constructed out of blocks, I found knock-off Lego people for very little money on eBay. Each one went on a primary colored cupcake with a letter flag so that it spelled out “Happy 7th Birthday!” My son’s cupcake had three people on it. If you shave the bottom of a candle, it will fit in their hands. So, they held 6 candles up then one went in the middle.


The activities portion of a Lego party seems like a no brainer … Build! I laid sheets on the floor to ease the clean up. Naturally, not everything stayed on them, but for the most part all I needed to do was pour them back into the tub. Lego Sheet In order to spread the kids out, we put several axels with wheels into a tub across the room along with a ramp. They had a great time building cars and then testing them out in the lanes. The “ramp” was just a folding table, one leg up and one down, with rope duct taped on as a car barrier.

For the outside time, I brought the “face cups” to stack so the kids could knock them over with a ball. Then we did the piñata – which was also a giant face with string for everyone to pull at once, since I have long ago given up the bat method. The face was last year’s rampDeath Star in disguise, two big plastic bowls, one with the bottom cut out, tied together into an approximate sphere. Because my son panicked at losing the Death Star, I wrapped it with tissue and drew on a face. How great to not have to paint! More tissue with string attached went over the hole to hold in the candy and everything was ready.

Gift Bags

I usually don’t subscribe to the idea of handing a guest a bag at the end of a party. I like it more when they create or use whatever gift we give as part of the party fun. This year, though, I found cute little knock-off Lego packs on eBay again that were perfect. But anyone who’s ever seen a kid build one of those knows that invariably a piece or two disappears. I didn’t want all those flyaway pieces to get mixed into the massive Lego pile, never to be seen again, so we gave them out as the guests left. Star Wars characters, naturally, for those that like them and really cool knights for those that haven’t crossed to the dark side! SW pack knights pack

Lego parties can be as simple or as complex as you’d like. The nice thing about them is that any kid, master builder or newbie, boy or girl, will love the chance to use their imagination with friends. If your planning a party, check out Birthday Basics: Don’t Break the Bank … or Your Brain for overall tips.

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