Big Scares in Theaters October 2014

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September 29, 2014

It’s always a little depressing when summer ends and we move into fall but there is usually one saving grace – October movie releases!  Of course, with Halloween on the 31st, the month is typically filled with creepy or scary titles and this year is no exception. In fact, it looks more jam-packed with thrillers than we’ve seen in a while.

Friday October 3, 2014

Annabelle – If you saw (and liked) The Conjuring, you will want to check out this movie about that terrifying doll. The plot surrounds a couple who have terrifying encounters with “Annabelle” soon after satanic cultists invade their home.

Gone Girl – Based on the popular novel by Gillian Flynn, the movie follows the disappearance of a young, beautiful woman who suddenly vanishes on her anniversary. As the investigation proceeds, the focus turns on her husband who, we learn, has more than a few secrets to hide.

The Good Lie – This story of survival and human triumph follows young victims who were orphaned by the civil war in Sudan in 1983. They trekked for thousands of miles on foot in an effort to secure safety and, fifteen years later, due to humanitarian efforts, 3600 of these lost boys and girls made the journey to America.

Friday October 10, 2014

Addicted – Zoe lives a typical life. She’s a married woman raising three children while she and her husband try to advance in their respective careers. Secretly bored and unfulfilled, she begins trying to meet her needs by engaging in random sexual encounters with other men but her elicit affairs become dangerous enough to potentially threaten her survival.

Dracula Untold – Yes, brace yourselves for yet another movie about Dracula. Hopefully, this one will offer a unique perspective. The plot follows a young prince who risked his own soul to save his wife and child in the face of a bloodthirsty sultan. His valiant effort came at a cost, however, since it began a chain of events that led him to become the first vampire.

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day – If you are looking for a good family flick, this Disney movie about an 11-year-old who has the worst day of his life might be perfect. Alexander tries to express his frustrations to his upbeat family and is dismayed by their lack of sympathy. After he begins to wonder if bad things only happen to him, he watches his parents and siblings live through one calamity after another.

Friday October 17, 2014

Fury – This World War II movie takes place in April 1945 as the Allies make their final push in the European Theater. Wardaddy, a tough-as-nails army sergeant leads his five-man crew through a deadly mission that takes them behind enemy lines. In their quest to take down the heart of Nazi Germany, they find themselves outnumbered and facing overwhelming odds but they never give up.

The Book of Life – This family-friendly movie will take you on an adventure with a young man who is determined to face down his fears and follow his heart. Along with love, laughter, music and a little suspense, audiences will be reminded of the importance of honoring and respecting the past while being open to what the future has in store.

Men, Women & Children – This thought-provoking drama follows high school teenagers and their parents as they examine how the Internet has impacted their relationships, how they communicate, how they feel about themselves and dating. It’s an intriguing look at how social media and technology have shaped who we have become.

Friday October 24, 2014

Ouija – A week before Halloween, this chilling plot revolves around a group of friends who try to make contact with a recently deceased classmate. They quickly realize the dark and ancient powers of the spirit board when they awaken and are confronted by a terrifying presence.

Friday October 31, 2014

Nightcrawler – A departure from the supernatural films that are usually released this time of year, this movie tells the story of a young journalist, Lou Bloom, who discovers the dark realm of nightcrawling – a practice in which camera crews lurk in the shadows waiting to capitalize on the next accident, fire or murder. Bloom observes the mayhem but also puts himself at risk for becoming the next big story.

Enjoy yourselves at the movies this month and, while you appreciate the scares and thrills, have a safe and happy Halloween!

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