Best Barbie Holiday Gifts

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December 3, 2016

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It’s the holiday season, which means it’s time to buy gifts for all the kids on your list! Barbie® is a toy that never goes out of style. Kids, young and old, love Barbie and her ever-growing line of clothing, accessories, and products. Our Social Moms are very excited about Barbie this year, and they’re eager to share some of their best Barbie gifts to ease your holiday shopping. From classics that’ll bring you back to childhood, to newbies that scream “2017!” check out SocialMoms’ line up of this year’s must-have Barbie toys!

Barbie Hello Dreamhouse:

This is Barbie’s all new state-of-the-art smart house that’s all about child-directed play. The Hello Dreamhouse is Wi-Fi-connected and uses speech recognition and floor switches to bring each child’s imagination to life. It also comes with an app so kids can customize the lights and sounds in the house.


Kathy over at On the Scene With Mrs. Kathy King reveals the five reasons why the Hello Dreamhouse is the ultimate gift:

“From top to bottom, the Barbie® Hello Dreamhouse™ goes over and beyond any dollhouse I’ve even seen. From mood lighting in every room to the voice-operated elevators and a multitude of interactive features, a child will get lost in hours of creative play.”


The Chirping Moms tells us about her daughters’ first reaction:

“When my girls first saw the #BarbieHelloDreamhouse they were screaming in excitement. I’m not sure I have ever seen them this excited about any toy before. They were jumping up and down, hugging each other and pointing out all the “amazing” things in each room. And all of this excitement came before they even knew that their new Barbie® Hello DreamHouse™ was going to start talking to them.”

Barbie Dreamhouse:

The Barbie Dreamhouse offers hours of play. Drive on in and park in the attached garage of this huge three-story house that features swappable smart furniture to bring all seven rooms to life with motion, lights, and sounds! “Smart” furniture accessory details offer a variety of lights, sounds, and motions. And, with 360 degree play, multiple girls can play at one time.


Leanette from Funtastic Life shares her love of the new Barbie home:

“As I got older, there were certain Barbie items that even though I had outgrown, I refused to get rid of, just in case my daughter would one day want to play with them. I only wish that some of the NEW Barbie items my daughter gets to play with were around when I was her age. Like the Barbie Dreamhouse. Have you seen it?”


Kelly with Life Love Texas wishes her own house was as great as the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse:

“This is such an amazing setup with three stories, seven rooms (kitchen, bathroom, dining room, bedroom with walk-in closet, living room, pet room, and garage/bonus play room), and over 70+ accessories (from home decor touches like chandeliers and bedding to fashion accessories and play food)! It even fits the Barbie Jeep that my girls have been playing with for years!”

Barbie Rainbow Cove Princess Castle Playset:

Bring your child’s dreams and imagination to life with Barbie Rainbow Cove Castle! It’s perfect for mermaids, fairies, princesses, and more. Mermaids go for a dip, Princesses host the perfect tea party, Fairies really fly high in the clouds, and your child’s imagination will run wild.


Deanna with Honey & Lime reveals holiday fun with the playset:

“Once we were finished, we were so excited about what we built! My daughter immediately looked for her Barbie dolls to start playing with the Barbie® Rainbow Cove™ Princess Castle Playset. There are so many different things to do in the castle – princesses can have a royal tea parties downstairs, Barbie dolls can splash around in the shell shaped bath, and they can get dressed in front of their bedroom mirror upstairs, and rest at night in the dream bed!”


Shauna at The Adventures of My Family of 8 talks about being a Barbie girl since birth and her daughters’ love of the Rainbow Castle playset:

“This three-foot tall castle with two levels is packed with fun for girls and is the perfect canvas for their imaginations. The whimsical world of Dreamtopia, where mermaids, fairies, princesses and everyone else can come together to enjoy a tea party, fly on the clouds, and even check out Barbie’s dream closet, is the ultimate in imaginative fun.”

Barbie Pop-Up Camper

The Barbie Camper is the perfect accessory for Barbie’s outdoor adventures! The pop up feature reveals a pool with water slide and an additional floor. And the camper sleeps up to four dolls, so your little one’s friends can come over and play with their Barbie dolls in the camper, too!


Marybeth with Baby Savers shares her favorite features:

“While this might be the most amazing toy camper I’ve ever seen, it also has more modern luxuries than I ever dreamed Barbie would have (a flat-screen TV with remote? A built in waterslide? A patterned hammock under a hip chandelier?). I think my top reason for loving it so much is that it brings back strong memories of the Barbie toys of my own childhood.”

camper-2The Parent Spot reveals her daughter’s immediate love of the camper:

“My little girl is a lot like me, so I knew she would love the Barbie Camper, too. It’s one of those toys that has a huge appeal for little ones who love to tell stories and create adventures, and it feels great to be able to give my daughter this early holiday gift that I never had as a girl! It took her all of half a second to be completely engaged with the camper, setting up the pop out top, pulling out the pool and water slide, hanging up the hammock, and figuring out that the front cab converts to a bathroom. The spare tire even converts to a fire pit!”

Holiday Barbie:

If you want to create a special gifting moment with your daughter, the 2016 Barbie™ Doll is the perfect choice. This collectible doll comes with three unique gown colors and snowflake-inspired bodice designs to choose from! Get them all for your collection, or keep one and give the other two to your favorite Barbie® fans.


Colleen with Classy Mommy makes her gift of Barbie a holiday tradition:

“There are 3 unique colors to choose from and the gowns are GORGEOUS. One of my favorite things about Barbie’s special edition dolls are the stunning. You can always count on Barbie to be a true fashionista and emblem of style.”


Stacie at Divine Lifestyle celebrates the season with the 2016 Holiday Barbie Doll:

The 2016 Holiday Barbie™ Doll has the perfect glamorous look that will shine bright all season long. Specially designed packaging is ideal for gift-giving and sure to make 2016 Holiday Barbie a treasured keepsake for years to come. There are three 2016 holiday dolls available–collect them all!”

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