“Bachelor” Contestant Gia Allemand in Critical Condition

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August 14, 2013

Gia Allemand, who is best known for being a contestant on the 14th season of The Bachelor (and then later appeared on Bachelor Pad), is currently on life-support in critical condition at a New Orleans hospital.

The cause of the “serious emergency medical event” is unknown but the 29-year-old’s mother and boyfriend, NBA player Ryan Anderson of the New Orleans Pelicans, have been at her side. They have asked for privacy at this time.

While no explanation about the situation has been made public, it would seem that there is some confusion even among those closest to her.  Her best friend, Melinda Farina, sent out the following tweets:

@GiaAllemand is on life support w little pulse and barely breathing ..cause unknown ..next 48 hours critical please pray for Gia everyone

I’m so sad about my best friend right now…how could this have happened to such an incredible person..she needs to come out of it!

Everyone I will keep you posted if I hear anything further right now it’s not good-we all need to stay positive though she’s tiny but strong.

Farina wasn’t the only one speaking out via social media.  Many of her fellow Bachelor alum have sent out messages on Twitter to show their support:

  • Jake Pavelka: “Please pray for @GiaAllemand . . . A dear friend and one of the sweetest women I know . . . #powerofprayer.”
  • Holly Julian“Im not sure what has happened to @GiaAllemand but I’m praying for her. Please take a second to do the same!”
  • Gwen Gioia: “Dear God, please be with my sweet friend @GiaAllemand. I believe prayer is powerful and Gia needs all our prayers right now. Love you Gia!”
  • Blakeley Shea: “@GiaAllemand love you Gia!! I’m praying for you!!!!”
  • Michael Stagliano: “Hey #BachelorNation send out a prayer for our girl @GiaAllemand.”
  • Juan Pablo“Sending out my PRAYERS to @GiaAllemand, hope for a quick RECOVERY and STRENGTH to the family in this HARD situation . . .”
  • Trista Sutter: “Been disconnected from the world for a couple hours & just hearing the news about @GiaAllemand. My heart is heavy. #prayforGia.”
  • Molly Mesnick“My heart is heavy . . . thoughts and prayers with @GiaAllemand and her family.”
  • Tenley Molzahn“Fresh air & prayer time. Keep it up #BachelorNation #PrayForGia giaallemand.”
  • Michelle Money“Please pray for my beautiful friend @giaallemand she is in critical condition and I don’t know why or what happened. All I know is she needs a miracle. I believe in the power of prayer. And there is power in numbers. You may not know her personally but I am begging you to pray for her to recover from whatever she is battling. Thank you so much.”
  • Ashley Rosenbaum: “Sending my love and thoughts to @GiaAllemand. Stay strong!”
  • Kiptyn Locke: “Strength, love & thoughts with @GiaAllemand.”
  • Jackie Gordon: “Praying for @GiaAllemand so hard today . . .”

This situation sounds extremely serious and very scary.  Hopefully, there will be a positive resolution and Gia Allemand will be on the mend!

Image Source: ABC

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