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Babywearing: Benefits and How to Choose the Right One

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May 2, 2012

Babywearing may be a new concept to many moms and moms-to-be. Its benefits, including having your hands free while increasing your bond with your baby, sometimes seem nearly endless to me. So, as someone who’s tried out several styles, I’d like to share a few of my favorite tips with you.

Fave Benefit of Babywearing

My favorite benefit is the bonding time. Many moms work, or there are days we have to be away from our child. When I get home I’m ready to reconnect with my son, so I put him in a sling or wrap right away and go for a walk around the block, strolling slowly and talking about everything we see.  I could do the same thing with a stroller, but I feel like this is wasted time; he might as well be in another room. But in a carrier our relationship blooms, and I feel closer and more connected to my little boy. My heart swells with love for him on these cuddle walks!

How to Choose the Right Carrier

Choosing the right wrap is a very individual experience. There are so many designs – from carriers to ring slings to pouch slings and more. So how do you know what’s best for you? Really, you have to get out there and try several types of carriers. Each serves different purposes, and you might find that you like a combination. Soft structured backpack carriers, like Ergo, are easy to use and clip on in seconds. I use these for hikes, and also keep one in the car for quick trips. Ring slings are also quick to use, and baby can nurse upright, cutting down on reflux and gas. My personal favorite is a wrap; I find it distributes weight evenly across my back and shoulders. While wraps take more practice, the comfort factor makes them worth it. I also find them to be the most beautiful and stylish; my wrap has become my new accessory of choice!

How to Wear Your Baby

It can take time and several tries to learn how to wear a wrap properly. The first time I felt the true comfort of a ring sling was also the first time I attended a babywearing meeting. These groups are excellent for learning from others, finding a community of families, and many have “libraries” of carriers you can try before purchasing.

Online video tutorials also make it easy to learn, like this tutorial of videos at And here is me personally sharing a basic carrying style that I use all the time.

You may not get it right the first time, so it’s important to keep trying. I figure, if I have two children, that’s four years of babywearing. So it’s definitely worth the few times you might need to practice to get it just right.

Do you babywear and have tips to share?

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