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Protecting that Prized Holiday Gadget with Cell Phone Insurance #AsurionHolidays

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December 12, 2012

Your holiday list is sure to include at least one gadget – possibly even a new mobile phone for a family member or child. That expensive gift is going to be the hit of the season, and get a ton of use, but what if it gets lost or damaged? With more than 80 million phones lost, stolen or damaged each year – the cell phone “must have” accessory this holiday season is insurance.

Asurion is the world’s leading cell phone insurance provider and works with customers to protect their cell phone against damage AND loss and theft. It’s a cost-effective way of making sure your loved ones are always connected. Most customers receive their replacement devices in one business day after they file a claim! This is great, considering Asurion data shows that 80 percent of loss and theft incidents occur within the first 12 months of purchasing the device.   

If you’re purchasing (or you receive) a cell phone this holiday season, Asurion reminds you that you typically only have 30 days after phone activation to insure your device. Make it a priority, as replacing your brand new smartphone can cost upwards of $600 if you do not have insurance!

So How Does it Work? 

Cell phone insurance is an insurance product, just like your home or auto insurance, and is regulated by insurance laws in each state. Here are the details for the Asurion plans:

  • The fee is paid monthly with an average of $5 – $7 for the basic insurance coverage. (For instance AT&T and Verizon’s fee for iPhones is $6.99 – $9.99 per month.) This is added to your cell phone bill, so no extra bills to pay.
  • When you file a claim, you pay a deductible, typically $50 – $199, depending on the phone. (For instance the iPhone deductible ranges from $169- $199.)
  • Keep in mind, the insurance program’s goal is to get you back in the same model phone. The phone may be new or remanufactured. Every replacement device is backed by a 12-month warranty.

What About My Warranty?

Your mobile phone warranty mostly covers mechanical and electrical issues. Warranties, such as AppleCare, do NOT cover loss or theft of a phone. Asurion offers comprehensive coverage for the iPhone, covering loss  and theft that others do not offer.

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