April Volunteer Month: Ideas You Can Actually Use

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April 14, 2015

April is National Volunteer Month, the perfect time to think about getting kids involved with helping others. I strongly believe kids need to get outside of their personal life bubble in order to appreciate what they have and develop empathy for those less fortunate. This allows them to grow up with a proper view of who they are and who they want to become.

Volunteering with kids tends to be one of those things that stays on our to-do lists but never quite happens. It can be hard to find the right avenue or the time when everyone is available. I love this new Common Sense Media because it takes the idea from a different perspective. They use the phrase “creating world citizens” which really resonates with my goal for my kids.

The video offers online opportunities even for young children. I never knew there were websites that would donate based on kids answering questions or reading books! What a great opportunity to re-enforce important skills while giving them an even more meaningful impact. The sites are listed by age range with the older children having a more opportunities to develop their own ideas and get out into the world.

Check it out and get doable ideas for your world citizens!


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