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Must-Have Apps & Gadgets for Moms With Kids This Fall

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September 1, 2011

Moms and kids will have an easier time getting back to school and work routines with some help from technology this fall. From taking family digital photos, to keeping multiple activity schedules and tasks organized, to protecting computer peripherals, this column has the must-have gadgets and apps you need.

Xshot iPhone 4 Case & Pocket Xshot Bundle

How many times have you wished you could take pictures or video of yourself with your child at a special classroom event or be included in the photo with them and their teacher on a school field trip? With the Xshot iPhone 4 Case equipped with its detachable tripod adapter and the Xshot 2.0 Camera Extender you can. Used together, you never have to be the one that’s missing from family photos because you’re stuck behind the camera. Sure you can take pictures of you and the kids together using the latest front-facing camera featured phone at arm’s length. But that comes nowhere close to competing with this gadget that extends your reach up to about 3 feet. The extender easily can be removed from the phone case itself and is compact, retracting to 9 inches to fit in most handbags, too. A good investment priced at $44.90 for the package when purchased together. This product is widely sold online and off at discounters and large stores such as Wal-Mart and Amazon; also specialty sites such as REI.

Post-it Pop Notes App

With our busy and hectic family and work lifestyles merging at every bend, what mommy blogger among us can imagine a life without paper Post-it Notes? I know I can’t, my home office wall is covered in them. The news has just gotten even better because the Post-it® brand from 3M™ just launched their first app, Post-it PopNotes, on August 25, 2011. This is the brand’s first ever mobile application, propelling the iconic communication tool into the social networking space and beyond in cyberspace. The new app uses the same clean and simple design of the original product morphed into a digital format to meet the needs of today. I can see many practical uses for both us moms and our students who must stay organized. Available FREE from the iTunes Store.

Unotron Washable Wireless Antimicrobial Protected Keyboard

This SpillSeal Washable Keyboard from Unotron is another cool invention that I can’t imagine living without. Whether you’re drinking wine while participating in Social Moms Friday afternoon online chat or you have kids using the family computer for fun and schoolwork, this is a computer accessory that can be a sanity saver as well as save money in the long run. Truth be told, kids aren’t the only ones spilling things on keyboards lately, either. I ruined my own Apple keyboard beyond repair by spilling a drink on it a few months back. Then, I got one of these Unotron keyboards to replace it and wouldn’t you know that it was not before long that I spilled Cabernet on it? It wasn’t a problem though, because all I did was wash this off under running water in the sink and drain it upside down before I could start tapping again. An added plus of the completely sealed water-proof keyboard exterior design – it doesn’t collect dust where you can’t reach it and parents can easily sterilize surface to cut down on the spread of bacteria and germs. Compatible with either Mac or PC, this is available at retailers online such as CDW for just over $40. It can also be purchased together with Unotron’s ScrollSeal Washable Optical Mouse for $58.99 from Zones.

These are just a few of the ways technology is making life better and easier for moms, dads, kids, and families. As other new gadgets and apps are discovered that are up your alley and mine, I’ll share them with you. In the interim, feel free to leave a comment to share you own favorite tech finds for doing things more efficiently.

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