A Winter Bucket List

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January 23, 2020

Winter is here. Whether you love it or barely tolerate it, it’s staying for a while. So having a bucket list to check off can make the long cold days more tolerable. For some of you (lucky ones) cold weather isn’t as much of a problem. A few of these items may not apply, but you can still have your winter bucket list too. One option may include vacationing north to experience the chill and cold-weather activities with the family. Choose from the following or make your own winter bucket list!

  • Build a snowman. Be sure to have carrots in the fridge! Honestly, it’s easy to send the kids outside to play in the snow, but be a kid too. Play with them. They will remember it. Take a family pic with your snow buddy too.
  • Build a couch fort with your kids (and play in it).
  • Go skiing or snowboarding.
  • Take a family walk outside when it’s snowing.
  • Visit a city near you and walk around to visit the local sights and restaurants.
  • Build a fire outdoors (s’mores anyone?)
  • Go to a tropical indoor water resort. Many have great weekday rates right now.
  • Have an ultimate family game night that goes late and has lots of laughs. Do you any new games for Christmas you haven’t tried out yet? A cold winter night or long weekend is the perfect time to.
  • Watch any Christmas movies you missed this year. Even though Christmas is over, the holiday season is always something to celebrate.
  • Go to a hockey or basketball game. Pro or college, it doesn’t matter, but let kids have that great experience of cheering on a local team.
  • Visit a museum or science center for the day. This makes for a fun day trip if none are local.
  • Go sledding.
  • Go ice skating.
  • Tackle a giant puzzle together. We make this an annual tradition at my house. You can glue it together and hang it up somewhere for a while or just take it apart for another year. Or if you won’t do it again, donate to a friend.
  • Spend an afternoon baking dozens of cookies. Sharing is caring, who can you gift some to?
  • Read a novel out loud as a family. Narnia, Harry Potter or other classics are a great place to start.
  • Make a bird feeder for your yard. A simple one can be created by taking a pinecone, smothering it in peanut butter, rolling it in birdseed, and hanging it outdoors.
  • Have a sleepover with the kids in the living room on a snowy night. Honestly, this one makes my heart warm with memories of my toddlers. Just do it, it’s one night.

What else is on your winter bucket list? Consider embracing a little Hygge this winter. That means be cozy, slow down, savor. Be content in this season. There’s always spring to look forward to while enjoying all winter offers. Let’s not rush it away.

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