A Royal Baby and British Monarchy Facts

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July 23, 2013

Many of you have probably already heard, but the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William and his wife Catherine) welcomed their new bundle of joy into the world yesterday. The announcement was made public by displaying a small ornate card on an easel at Buckingham Palace, where people lined up to discover the news.

It’s a Boy!

The announcement was made and the world learned that a new Prince had arrived. The baby boy was born at the 4:24pm (London time) on July 22nd, weighing 8 pounds and 6 ounces. The birth took place at London’s St. Mary’s Hospital in the exclusive Lindo Wing. This wing is the same location that Princess Diana gave birth to both Prince William and Prince Harry. The Lindo Wing has a long list of perks including individual birthing rooms and a birthing pool, satellite TV, radio, internet access, daily newspaper deliveries and a safe for any valuables. A devoted catering staff is there to ensure the Duke and Duchess (and of course any guests) receive what they wish to eat. It also features a complete wine list (including champagne for the big celebratory moment of birth).

Mystery Name

Everyone is speculating on names for the baby. Many are confident that we will have another William, but the couple has yet to announce an official name. It may be a while before we know, as Prince William’s name was not announced for a week and Prince Charles name took a month to be made public.

Did you Know? (Random British Monarchy Facts)

The Monarchy is full of rich history and quite a few interesting facts. Here are a few tidbits that I found most interesting:

  • The members of the royal family have no surname (last name). Instead they have their respective titles, first name, and typically numerous middle names. Therefore, when a last name is required on documentation they typically use one of their family titles such as “Wales”. Prince Harry and William have utilized the surname “Wales” for their military careers. The new baby Prince could use the surname Wales as his grandfather is the Prince of Wales, or he could opt for Cambridge since his mother and father are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. 
  • Queen Elizabeth II was not born Her Royal Highness. In fact, she was not anticipated to ever take the throne. However, her uncle (the first born and in line for the throne) stepped down from his position and her father took the title of King. Elizabeth was the eldest daughter and her father never had any sons, this made her next in line to the throne when her father passed. She was only 25 when she became queen.
  • Queen Elizabeth II is actually Queen Elizabeth I and II. Monarchs hold separate numerals for both England and Scotland. There has never been a Queen Elizabeth in Scotland so in Scotland, Elizabeth is Elizabeth I, but in England she is Elizabeth II. This is why there is no Royal Cipher with the II on Scottish post boxes but instead the Crown of Scotland with no initials.
  • Why does England not have a King? Shouldn’t Prince Philip be King? When a King takes a wife she becomes Queen, but if a Queen takes a husband he is not King. The reasoning is rather simple. When a man takes a wife she takes his surname or title in England, not the other way around. Therefore, when a King takes a wife she receives his title as well. However, when a Queen takes a husband he does not take the title. A title is usually bestowed upon the spouse instead. Prince Philip was made Duke of Edinburgh at marriage. Interestingly he was previously the Prince of Greece, but to marry Queen Elizabeth he had to denounce his Greek title.

What are some interesting facts about the Monarch that you have learned recently? What do you think the new Prince will be named?

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