8 Questions for Kids to ask Grandparents this Holiday Season

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December 9, 2019

Whether your children see their grandparents often or once a year on a holiday, there’s usually talk about school, sports, movies, new hobbies, and favorite toys … amongst other things. How often, though, do the grandparents get to tell tales of their youth? Perhaps some do, but my parents only do when asked.

When I realized this, I tried to prompt my kids over the years to ask them about their childhood. Not only does it make a wonderful memory for everyone, but it also helps to create a connection and bridge the gap between the generations. The kids “see” their grandparents as they were as children.

Here are a few questions your children (or even you) can ask of their grandparents:

  • What was your favorite subject in school, and why did you like it? What was your least favorite class? (Makes school relatable and may even find a common bond.)
  • Did you have a best friend when you were little? Who was it and what did you do together? (Lets children imagine a whole new world of a grandparent as a small child.)
  • Did you have pets growing up? (Gives a glimpse into their world at home.)
  • What do you remember about your bedroom when you were little? What was your house like? (Forms a visual picture and may make grandparents bring up long lost memories.)
  • What were your absolute favorite toys to play with? (Again, there could be a connection and also gives a look at their playful side.)
  • What do you remember about your own grandparents? (A bit of family history here so get a pen and jot some notes if you are so inclined!)
  • Did you ever travel? Where did you go? Did you have a favorite place you visited? (Some children may be surprised that “travels” weren’t as elaborate as today.)
  • What was the silliest thing you remember as a child? (This may bring some surprised laughter when children imagine Grandpa or Grandma doing something silly.)

These questions can lead to great conversations. And new memories to savor too!

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