7 Writing Secrets Every Blogger Should Know

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July 16, 2013

Your blog posts, your articles, your social media posts – everything you write – is a mirror of how you live your life.

I like to call it the Social Thought Triad – the link between your mind, your message, and what triggers action. How you feel affects what you think. What you think impacts what you do. And what you do either inspires or discourages actions in others.

So if you, as a blogger, want to connect with your readers and inspire positive action from them, then take the time to first build yourself up. Here are 7 secrets every blogger should know that will transform your life and improve your writing:

1. Never write when you’re feeling tired, angry, sad or depressed

It’s too easy to have a negative thought when you aren’t feeling your best, and your brain doesn’t quite like negativity. When you have a negative thought, belief or feeling, your brain sees this as a threat and begins to spit out stress hormones. These stress hormones flood your body and put you in “flight or fight” mode. This is not where you want to be when you’re trying to inspire your audience.

The solution? Take the necessary steps to get in the right frame of mind and then you are ready to motivate your readers through your writing.

2. Put in the time to become an expert of a specific topic

If your blog posts jump from topic to topic, how will you know your audience, and how will your readers know what to expect? By choosing a signature topic, or a handful of related topics, you can, over time, become known as an expert in your field. Being seen as the blogging expert for your topic will help build the credibility of your message.

But don’t be fooled. It does require work. Put in the extra effort, diligence and perseverance to become proficient and it will be seen and appreciated by those who matter most.

3. Make sure your readers feel heard, seen and valued

If you want to connect with your readers, and a good writer does, then you want to make sure they feel heard, seen and valued. It’s pretty simple to do … just ask. Have a dialogue from time to time. At the end of your posts or articles, ask a specific question. Find out what’s happening in their lives. Allow your readers to interact without judgment and you’ll see your relationships with them blossom.

4. Picture yourself talking to the person you want to read your content

Another way to really connect with your readers and help them feel valued and heard is to speak directly to them. One technique that’s especially effective is to create a persona of your ideal reader – what do they look like, read, do, eat … where do they live, how much do they make, etc. – and then picture that person sitting next to you as you write. Would they get what you’re saying? Does it sound conversational? Would it inspire a response from them?

5. Be willing to share your story

Being vulnerable can be scary, but it’s the best way to truly connect with others. One way you can break down the barriers is to share your story. What makes you “qualified” to write about your topic? Why should your readers trust you? By becoming “real” with your readers, you can better inspire connection.

6. Be willing to feel their pain

Do you know what your readers struggle with? Do you know what keeps them up at night? By discovering their pain points and how their pain impacts their lives, you can better write posts that help solve their problems.

7. Imitate, but don’t duplicate

Your topic may not be unique, but how you deliver it can and should be. It’s good to learn from the top experts in your field, but don’t duplicate what they do. Imitate. And by “imitate,” I mean pattern after them. Learn what works for them, but then put your own unique spin on it.

Don’t let negativity destroy your opportunity to connect with your readers. Build yourself up and become the type of writer that makes your readers feel heard and valued.

So how do you plan to do that over the coming days, weeks and months? Let us know in the comments below.

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