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7 Ways to Save For Your Family Vacation

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February 23, 2017

Many people wish they had more money to spend on travel and vacations. Actually, don’t we all?  Family travel—including transportation, hotel, food, and excursions—can be expensive, but if you save a little every month for your family vacation fund, you’ll be surprised how fast the money adds up!

7 ways to grow a family vacation fund:

  1. Coupon apps. There are many available—everything from Ibotta to SavingStar and more—and most overlap so you get cash back from several apps for the same product. Some even pay you for referring friends. When you get that Paypal cash, add it to your vacation fund.
  2. Organize your house and earn some cash.  Go through your garage, basement, and closets and you’ll find many items you no longer need or want. Get the whole family involved and organize a yard sale. Or sell small items on eBay, and larger items on CraigsList or at your local consignment store. You’ll end up with a cleaner house and a bunch of cash for your vacation fund.
  3. Work online. Do you spend a lot of time online and have a large social media following? Consider working part time online. Try joining a direct sales company or an affiliate program, or sell your own handmade items.
  4. Budget. Budgeting even a little can yield big results. By setting spending limits and allocating a specific amount every month to your vacation fund, you’ll be surprised how fast the savings add up.
  5. Tax refund. That tax check is the perfect jump start for your vacation fund.
  6. Assess your services. Check your current services and see if there are ways to cut costs. Do you really need cable, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime? See where you can cut back on cell phone or TV services and pocket that extra money.
  7. Pack a lunch. If you buy lunch daily, try bringing food from home a few days a week. If you go out to dinner weekly, cut that to twice a month. Consider making your own coffee or latte at home to avoid those expensive coffee shops. Eating at home is usually healthier—and definitely cheaper!

While these steps may only add to small savings, they’ll make a difference, whether you’re hoping to take a trip across country, or a weekend camping in the mountains. You may be surprised by how much you can save when you have a goal in mind!

I’d love to hear your savings tips.

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