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5 Ways to Light Fire to Your Blog

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November 20, 2012

As the weather turns colder and winter approaches, many people turn to inside activities to stay warm.  This is a prime opportunity for bloggers to showcase their resources, products and services as they are likely to have a larger viewing audience.

If you would like to attract the attention of more of your target audience during these winter months, then consider turning up the heat on your blog.  Here are 5 ways to light fire to your blog:

#1 – Mix up your delivery method

Since members of your audience each learn in a different manner, it’s a good idea to mix up the ways you distribute your content.  In addition to text (your written blog posts), consider adding videos, podcasts, images, and interactive exercises.  This will allow each type of learner to connect better with your blog.

#2 – Get personal

Stories help people visualize the message and see how it relates to their lives.  By adding stories that illustrate your main points, you help engage your readers and keep their attention.  You also help them better apply the content you are sharing to the needs in their lives.  Consider adding personal stories or stories from your readers.   Just be sure your story connects with your topic and doesn’t detract from it.

#3 – Be passionate

Your posts should be on topics that you have an interest in.  Show your excitement about your topic and why it’s important.  Share why you feel your readers should be passionate about it too.  If you don’t seem excited about it, you can’t expect the reader to either.

#4 – Tap into your readers’ emotions

Picture your readers as you write your content and ask yourself what they will feel after reading your post.  Then ask what you want them to feel after reading your post.  Decide on the emotions you want your readers to experience at the conclusion of your post.   If you think this through first, you can better tailor your content to help you reach your goals.

#5 – Give actionable advice

Share content that your readers can act on.  Many blogs give theoretical information or just tell stories.  But your readers have needs and they are coming to your blog for solutions.  So give them steps that they can implement and see results from.  Address their needs by giving them resources that will help them be better and do better.

#6 – Give more than is expected

This bonus tip (only 5 tips were promised) is an example of giving your readers more than they expect from you.  This is one way to keep your audience coming back for more.  You can offer a free eBook, give away an excerpt of your best paid advice, or share exclusive tips that have helped you become successful.  Think through the ways you can surprise your readers and then go do it.

By implementing these steps, you can help heat up your blog and the warmth will attract and keep more of your ideal readers.

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