5 Times Someone Nailed the Truth of Parenting

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August 5, 2015

Parenting … “It’s the hardest job you’ll ever love,” some people say. While they might be right, I’ll be honest, most days parenting expressions just make me roll my eyes. Being a mom can feel like anything but lovely. Between the sunshine and rainbows of Mommy videos, I’ve found a these 5 videos that really nailed the truth about parenting.

I’ve found this comedian’s take on the infamous “people who don’t have kids” all over my social media. My guess is that it is so popular because he pretty much wraps up what you think parenting will be versus the reality of raising children. Every single parent hearing it will identify with his life!

In a similar vein, these parents sit next to the stack of parenting books and tell us what their kid will and won’t do. “The baby’s going to work around OUR schedule, not the other way around.” Then real life cuts in and we see how closely that baby read those books. Sometimes, a parent’s gotta’ do what a parent’s got do.

Scheduling can be a beast with little one. Most of seem to suffer most in the sleep department. For some reason, feeling tired just isn’t a valid reason to go to sleep in a kid’s mind. I spent many nights softly talking to my dearest children while silently cursing in my head. A few years ago, a book came out that spoke directly to this reality and had me and all my mommy friends cracking up. I hope you saw it because it reaffirmed that there are plenty of moms out there that feel the same frustration and made it something we can laugh at! The book is called Go the F**k to Sleep.  It has amazingly beautiful pictures, sweet rhymes, and yes, several F bombs. While curse words are not necessarily my usual style, the humor behind this idea made it work for me. In this video, you can see the illustrations while Samuel L Jackson reads the book aloud. If the swear words bother you, listen to this mostly edited version.


Crappy Pictures Mom has been around in a blog form for a while. I don’t actually find her pictures all that “crappy” compared to what I could draw, but she really does have a way of telling the true story. More recently, she shifted her focus to her marriage, which will also make you laugh because our “blessed unions” take on a whole new vibe when you introduce kids to the mix! You can catch a glimpse of her snark in this trailer for her book.

There are several hysterical parenting hashtags out in the world that give parents a chance to share those “precious moments” when kids lose it over ridiculous things like “I won’t let him drive the car” or “”I told her she looked nice.”” One of those hashtags, #ReasonsMyKidIsCrying, was made into a book. Here is the trailer.

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