5 Thanksgiving Videos to Lift Your Spirits…or Take You Away

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November 6, 2019

This time of year always launches the crescendo of the to-do list, holiday expectations, and time-juggling stress. Rather than think too much about all of the stuff racing toward me, I want to relax and smile. And if I quietly pretending I’m vacationing on a deserted tropical island with a hammock, book, and glass of wine, no one needs to know! Maybe you feel the same way. While I can’t offer you a tropical island vacation, I can offer 5 Thanksgiving videos that should bring a smile to your face and hopefully, a laugh to your celebration.

Around the Table

Every year, Ellen gives us a “helpful” guide to seating family around the dinner table. There’s always some underlying politics that have to be maneuvered. We all deal with the turmoil of seating, but for me, the best parts of these bits are the “relatives” and Ellen’s reactions. You just can’t help laughing along as she tries to hold it together. If you want another taste you can check out this segment from another year, where Ellen makes a suggestion for alone time that I’ve considered several times!

SNL Takes on Commercials

Speaking of alone time, SNL spoofs a Target ad with a great suggestion for some of that coveted commodity.  Essentially, Target can become a mom’s paradise and the perfect procrastination haven. I really identify with the part where two people’s eyes meet and they just know.  Haven’t we all had that experience?


This lady has taken the alone time idea to its ultimate conclusion, a Selfgiving. She took my imaginary vacay on the island idea and converted it into the perfect night in—good food, a glass or five of wine, and a TV binge session. Do we really need a family gathering excuse to make a turkey dinner? No! Do it for yourself!

Kids Narrate Dinner

As much as I fantasize about “escape,” I really do love my family and our time together. Assuming I won’t be sneaking away to a Selfsgiving, this family pretty creatively nails what dinner will be like. Kids are so cute in their interpretation of what happens at family dinners! You’ll recognize at least one of your kids in this Thanksgiving dinner spoof.

Kid President Sends a Message

You can’t help but smile when this kid is around! He reminds us of all the good reasons we have to be grateful. At the end of the day, his positive approach is the one that’s going to keep us the happiest! Take a minute to grin along as he goes through his list. Then make a list of your own!

Whether it’s your favorite time of year, your most stressful time of year, or a bit of both at the same time, I hope a smile and a laugh find you this Thanksgiving. Take a few moments to escape somewhere on your own then come back to enjoy what you’re grateful for with your family.

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