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5 Quick Ways to Make Money for the Holidays

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December 11, 2012

With the holidays fast approaching, many begin creating shopping lists of gift ideas for friends and loved ones.  As the list grows, so does the need for more money.  For those looking for ways to earn a little extra income for the holidays, the internet offers many opportunities. You can become a part of someone else’s enterprise or create a business of your own.

Every day people search the Internet for all sorts of opportunities with the goal of finding ways to make money with low startup costs. Many of the basic equipment needed to begin earning extra income are in your home right now. If you have a computer with a high-speed internet connection, a telephone, a desk, and a printer, you can get going right away.  Here are 5 quick ways you can make money for your holiday purchases:

Blog Ads.

If you have a good online presence and decent traffic to your blog, you can begin generating income with ads.  A blog with a niche will perform better than a personal one, but you can set up either to make money with programs like Google Adwords and AdSense. Pay per Click advertising also works for generating revenue.


If you have a blog and enjoy writing, you can make money by writing advertising posts for other businesses.  By registering your blog with Blogsvertise, you allow advertisers to discover your blog and choose it for a review or guest post.  The general topic or theme is given to you and you create the post, linking it to the advertiser’s site.  Each post is paid and good writing gets rewarded with more frequent offers.


If you have a talent for writing and you enjoy it, you may find a good position with WordGigs.  This company receives requests from businesses for blurbs, articles, short posts, and other written materials which they distribute to their team of writers.  Writers are paid per project every two weeks.  You must have good writing skills and pass their screening process to qualify.  However, once hired, you can begin earning right away.

Selling on eBay

With this idea, you set up an online shop on eBay. You can sell products you created or items you own that you want to sell. Many now make a living selling on eBay. As your business grows, you can expand to involve other product markets.  This is a relatively easy way to earn quick money from home.

Hire My Mom

If you like the security of working for others instead of going into business for yourself, then this online professional job resource matches businesses with moms who want to do professional work from home.  There is a small quarterly fee to access the job boards, but the positions are legitimate and don’t require start-up fees.

If you are looking for ways to earn income for the holidays, this list should get you started.  Review these resources or search online for others and start earning your holiday cash.

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