5 Parents Who Are Right Where You Are! Video Round-Up

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July 14, 2014

Let’s face it, parenting can be brutal. You read the baby books, hear all the advice, search Google for answers – but sometimes a parent just has to do whatever it takes to get through the day. We like to pretend that it will only last while they are little. It doesn’t. We will fight an uphill battle pretty much for the rest of our lives. Here are a few videos to help us laugh at ourselves at each step!

Any parent remembers those sleepless nights with a shiver. Sleep is a particularly hot button issue with the under one year set. Everyone has an opinion on the “right” way to sleep train your baby. I bet the dad in this video knew all about those options and had even tried to use them. I also imagine that he had reached the end of his rope and would do whatever it took to get his daughter to sleep.

Here’s a dad that wants to be his daughter’s favorite but she won’t cooperate. He resorts to pleading, wearing her down over time, practice, and even a pony to no avail! No matter the method the answer to the question, “Who’s your favorite?” is always “Mum.” Be warned, the video contains two or three mild swear words written in.

We all know a toddler’s favorite word is “no.” In this video, another dad wants to go out for a walk. His son has different ideas. He wants to go in the car. A yes-no battle ensues with the dad using a bit of reverse psychology to win.

This next video is cheating a bit. It is a viral commercial that perfectly encapsulates the issues facing parents of older girls and creative ways to face them. I only hope that they based it on a true story because this mom is a genius! If period talk grosses you out, view with caution. Also, she slips in one small swear word.

Once we get the kids grown up and moved out, I’d like to imagine these helpless moments will also move on as well. Sadly, at that point, our kids will probably be ahead of us in all the up and coming culture and laugh at our attempts. The Ellen Show even made this fact a repeating segment called, “ApPARENTly Confused.”

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