5 New Year’s Resolutions Busy Moms Should Make

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December 19, 2019

Ready for the new year? The new decade? You’ve shopped. You’ve wrapped. You’ve baked. You’ve planned. You’ve visited. You’ve hosted. You’ve worked. You’ve risen early and stayed up late. You’re basically exhausted. Busy moms are always giving, doing, helping, and managing to juggle many things at once. Kudos to you! So now that the new year is on the fast-approaching horizon, why not make some resolutions? Call them adjustments, new habits, intentions, or aspirations if you prefer. No matter what you call them, it’s important to set them and do all you can to commit to them. My advice: write them down on your phone or a notepad. When we commit to writing something down, we seal that intention a bit stronger.

Here are my top five new year’s resolutions for busy moms:

Carve out strict time for weekly self-care.

Self-care is the IT phrase of the year. It’s a good one because we are recognizing that we have to put ourselves first with love and care, so we can then be calmer, kinder, and generally better taken care of. Self-care comes in all forms, from making time for pampering (think baths and facemasks, massages and manicures) to quiet time (a long walk in nature or a candlelit yoga or meditation session). Try to schedule this time for you, not just wing it. For some moms this might be once a week for an hour. That’s better than nothing! But if you can swing an hour daily, oh how you deserve that time for critical self-care!

Delegate chores.

This one is not easy for the moms who feel they need to do everything so it’s “just right”. However, delegating chores frees up your time if you don’t go re-do what’s been done. Have the kids rake and bag leaves and if they don’t get them all, so what? Assign chores to each child: making their own bed, doing their own laundry, or taking out dinner supplies or doing dishes afterwards. As a single mom, my kids have helped with most of the above since they were about eight-years-old and it definitely helps. If you’re married, think about asking your spouse for a little extra help, if you feel burdened by all you have been doing yourself.

Sign up for that thing you’ve been thinking about.

You know, that class at the college or that gym membership. Or maybe just a painting night out with a friend. Most likely you’ll not regret this one. It’s actually part of self-care.

Order pre-made meals.

If you can’t or won’t meal prep, shop pre-made meals more often (and don’t feel guilty about it). This one is easy for me since I’m not a great cook. Some moms want everything homemade. Which is fine! Except it is time-consuming. Consider designating one night a week for take out and another night for a pre-made, easy-peasy meal from the grocery store. Think a bucket of chicken and some salads and sides. The added perk? Not much cleanup!

Cut your own screen time, especially if you expect your kids to.

So many articles about cutting screen time for kids right? How about for us? We all get sucked into the vortex of social media, watching videos, and scrolling endlessly. Most phones have screen time apps now and when you hit it, it’s a good reminder to put the phone down. Setting an example for kids is also so important. How can we tell them to get off the electronics, take them to the park, and then sit staring at our own phones? This time leave your phone in the car and play with the kids! Ah the good old days.

Whatever your resolutions … all the above or some of the above and your own ideas … think of the start of 2020 as a new way of living! A less busy, more involved, more nurturing, more eyes open time. A time to think about what is truly important and what can slide. Take the time now to write your intentions and work to create them. New habits can take a few weeks to adjust to, but they are well worth it.

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