5 Easy Tips For Staying Fit at Work

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July 10, 2013

It can be so easy to fall into bad habits when you work a full-time job.  Who wants to race home from work, make a healthy meal and then hit the gym?  While some people can make that kind of commitment, if you’re not one of them, I have a few other ways you can make the most of your day without even having to leave the office.

Here are five easy tips to sneak healthy habits into your busy schedule.

Pick your Commute

If you don’t work too far from home, consider walking or riding a bike a couple of days a week. Sneaking in 30 minutes of daily exercise may be easier than you thought.  Worried about being sweaty when you get to work?  Wear leisure clothes and change into your work attire when you get to work (and don’t forget deodorant and a brush in case your hair needs a touchup!).

Take the Stairs

This is one of those classic tips but it really does work.  Instead of taking an elevator up to the second floor break room, take the stairs.  Apply this to other areas of your day-to-day tasks.  Politely decline offers to help you carry boxes and volunteer to run errands for others.  You will be working up a sweat and building endurance in no time!

Organize a Lunchtime Walk

Strength in numbers!  Everyone can benefit from more activity and fresh air.  Send out an email to your coworkers and suggest you all meet up during your lunch break to take a quick 30 minute power walk. As more people jump on the bandwagon, it will be easier to find the support you need to stay active.

Brown Bag It – Every Day

It can be tempting to order take out or hit a drive-thru but it’s far more convenient, affordable and healthy to bring your lunch with you to work every day.  Get inventive so that it’s never the same old thing.  Make extra food at dinner so that you can take leftovers.  Buy fruit when it’s on sale and take a fresh fruit salad.  Experiment with different cheeses and crackers. The options are only limited by your own imagination.

Suggest Healthy Initiatives

Many workplaces are now beginning to offer different programs to promote wellness among their employees.  It can range from banning vending machines (or committing to only stocking them with healthier options), subscribing to a fruit delivery service once or twice a week or offering discounts on services such as Weight Watchers.  Some employers even pay employees to undergo a health assessment.  Start the dialogue in your office!

Working full-time doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice a healthy lifestyle.  With a few minor changes, you (and your coworkers) can be committed to fitness, even if you are stuck at a desk for most of the day!

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