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5 Apps That Will Help You Save Money in 2020

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February 19, 2020

By now, the financial fallout from the holiday season has become real. Maybe you did better in 2019, but some of us are left wondering why we keep doing this to ourselves. We spend the whole year trying to be responsible, and then we go into debt to give gifts to others. In some ways, that’s very sweet, but it can also leave you hurting. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of five apps that will help you save money in 2020.

Did you know that just $27 of miscellaneous spending per day can add up to $10,000 wasted per year? Think about those stops at the drive-thru or how many nights you’ve already ordered takeout. There are better ways to use your money. Ready to get started? Here are some suggestions for where to begin. 


Some people are unaware of just how much money they can afford to save every month. For many of us, it may seem like there’s little to spare. Fortunately, Digit can help you create goals so you can save for that travel adventure or have a reserve in case of an emergency.

The innovative mobile app works by connecting to your bank account. You start by setting up goals. The app then uses smart algorithms to track your income and expenses before it begins to pull small amounts from your bank account to deposit into an FDIC-insured Digit account. Worried about overdrafts? They promise that won’t happen. Plus, you’ll receive real-time notifications so that your available balance is never a surprise. 


You’ve probably heard of Mint because it feels like it’s been around for forever and a day. While new technology is exciting, there’s something to be said for apps that have staying power. Clearly, they’ve continued to find a way to keep users happy. 

This app connects to your accounts, categorizes transactions, and provides automatic updates on spending habits. At a glance, you’ll have a very clear picture of what you’re spending and where it’s going. You might be shocked, for example, by how much those morning coffee runs are costing you every month. Understanding where your money is going can be the first step towards figuring out how to spend less.


Looking for a more fun way to save some money? You’ve got to check out Qapital. This financial app may help you meet more than one goal in a very unique way. After linking the app to your account, you’ll set rules about what you want to accomplish and that’s where things get a little more exciting. Let’s say you want to save for a down payment for a house. You can direct the app to transfer $5 into savings every time you hit your daily step goal. How cool is that?


Need more simplicity in your life? You can streamline your money-saving efforts with Chime. The app provides access to an online checking and savings account which makes transferring funds between them that much easier. You can establish automatic transfers between the accounts, and as an extra bonus, every time you make a purchase, Chime will round up the amount to the nearest dollar and send that spare change to your growing nest egg. 


Ready to take your efforts to the next level? The Acorns app is for people who want to start investing. You’ll need to link your checking accounts, credit cards, and debit cards but then the micro-investing mobile app will do the work from there. 

Your transactions will be rounded up to the nearest dollar and that spare change will be deposited into your Acorns account. Then, you can decide where you want to invest your money. Be sure to look into their cash-back offers, too!

These days, most of us are feeling strapped for cash. The cost of living continues to rise, but you may not see that reflected in your paycheck. We’ve been told all our lives to put money away for a rainy day or even for retirement, but who can afford that? These apps make it possible to put small sums towards your savings, which can really add up over time. It may not seem like much, but in a few months (and years), it could be worth the effort.

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