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10 Reasons Why You Just Might Need a Smartphone

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June 14, 2012

Are you finally considering upgrading your old flip phone or candy bar phone to a more current smartphone, but not yet convinced you actually need it? A smartphone is good for more than just connecting to Facebook while on the go, we promise!

Here are ten other useful things you can do with a good smartphone.

  1. Read important emails: As a small business owner, keeping up with my email is very important to me. With an Android phone using Gmail sync, I know immediately when I get an email, and can respond right away if needed. The Android OS also lets you connect to your company’s Microsoft Exchange Server. This means in addition to your email, you have your contacts and calendar at your fingertips.
  2. Keep track of your busy schedule: Being able to keep track of my schedule in my pocket is by far my favorite function. I am an avid Google and Gmail user, and I love the smooth integration that having an smartphone provides. I can access my calendar at any time, get reminders, and add new appointments immediately during meetings, or even at the doctor’s office if needed.
  3. Take Better Photos: Most older phones did not take good photos … if at all. The resulting pictures were often grainy and unclear, and sometimes it was not even obvious who was in the photo. Smartphones have much better cameras. Most come with either a 5mb or 8mb resolution camera and can do a great job of filling in for a point and shoot digital camera. Many models (or apps like Instagram) also allow you to set effects such as sepia, monotone, and frames. And you can often adjust white balance and ISO.
  4. Deposit Checks: Many banks including Chase, Bank of America, and PNC have mobile apps that allow you to deposit a check right from your smartphone. This saves a trip to the bank. These apps also allow you to pay bills, and keep tabs on your account at any time.
  5. Send Money via Paypal: With the Paypal Mobile App, you can quickly and easily send money for a business or personal transaction. The app also allows you to request money, split bills, or deposit a check.
  6. Shop: Popular online stores like Amazon and eBay have mobile apps that allow you to make purchases right from your smartphone. I especially love the eBay app because even when traveling I don’t miss out on auctions that I am trying to win.
  7. Watch Movies & TV Shows: Depending on your mobile device and service, you can watch movies from services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, and maybe even your cable TV provider wherever you are.
  8. Get Directions & Navigation: Sure, a lot of modern cars come with GPS built-in, but it can be an expensive option. With your Android smartphone, you can get turn-by-turn voice guided directions via the free Google Maps app. It also alerts you to traffic problems and alternative routes. The iPhone also has the Google Maps app, however it lacks the ability to do turn by turn directions.
  9. Check the Weather: Instead of turning on the radio and waiting for the weather forecast, the or Accuweather app can give you the forecast for the week with a few clicks. You can also view local radars, and check the forecast for other locations.
  10. Stream Your Music Library:  If you commute to work, and need entertainment all you need is your favorite pair of earphones to stream your entire music library using Google Music. The service allows you to upload up to 20,000 songs to the cloud to access wherever you go.

Do you have recommendations for why someone needs a smartphone?

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