What to Get Your Husband this Valentine’s Day

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January 18, 2012

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and, though it may be easy for our husbands to please us with flowers and dinner, what are we supposed to get him? Even if he is easy to buy for on his birthday or the holidays, Valentine’s gifts are supposed to have at least a little twinge of romance in them, right?

Although some of you might want to buy a DVD or a new hammer, I try to stick to a little bit of romance. What do those include? Well, it might depend on the preference of your husband, in particular, but here are a few general ideas that can please the masses:

A gift certificate for a massage from you.
It’s not that difficult to rub your husband’s shoulders while he’s watching his favorite show, but that’s not what I am talking about here. Set up the room with candles and relaxing music. Dim the lights and use a subtly scented oil. Make sure the kids are not going to interrupt and give him all of your attention. Anyone, even those on a budget, can do this and it is sure to be a winner.

Cook him his favorite meal, from start to finish.
Don’t just throw his favorite casserole in the oven. Take time to prepare an appetizer dish you know he loves, a main course that’s a favorite of his but you might not make too often, and dont forget about a delicious dessert. You can also break out the fancy wine, cloth napkins and fine china if you feel so inclined. This would be a great night to send the kids to grandmas for dinner. And make sure to clean up without any whining.

Make him a playlist of your favorite songs.
Dig deep (or maybe not at all) to remember the first song you danced to, your wedding song and other songs that have special meaning to the both of you. Put them together as a playlist and write something special about each one. Jot down your memories of that first dance, etc. and how it made you feel. Your husband will be able to read this as he listens to that song and even the toughest of men will have their hearts touched by the memories of those specials moments.

These ideas can be used individually as great gifts to your man or you can even do all of them in one night if you feel so inclined.

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