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7 Rainy Day Fall Activities for Kids

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October 30, 2018

Take advantage of a rainy fall weekend to have the kids do some fun, seasonal activities indoors.

  1. Start making Christmas cards early. Instead of store-bought cards for those people you will see in person, have your child create works of art. Make handmade cards with anything from pompoms and glitter to pine needles collected from outdoors.
  2. Create “thankful cards” to be placed at the dinner table on Thanksgiving. I am thankful for _____ and have the kids fill it in. Each person can read theirs aloud for everyone to hear. Alternatively, you can buy inexpensive placemats and have the kids use markers to write expressions of thankfulness on them.
  3. Fun with easy science experiments. Most kids love baking soda and vinegar “explosions.” Have kids create a mini volcano molded out of aluminum foil. Place in a baking pan, fill the top with baking soda and then add vinegar for a little volcanic eruption. Another easy fun activity is to make oobleck by mixing cornstarch with water in a large baking tray. You’ll know the right consistency when it forms a little ball in your hand and then quickly melts. The whole family will have messy fun dipping their hands in and deciding is it liquid or solid? as it oozes and squishes. I do this on my dining room table and line it with newspaper before placing the tray down. My kids can play with this on and off for hours all day!
  4. Make a fall centerpiece. Pinecones, acorns, leaves, and branches can be hot glued onto things you have around the house. You can make adorable owls by taking a pine cone and adding acorn shells as eyes and leaves as wings. Use tiny bits of colored construction paper for nose and feet.
  5. Bring out the spare change. Have everyone dump their change on the table. Kids can sort coins into jars, count, or check the dates to see if any are old enough to be considered for saving in a coin book. Then if you have enough change, let them cash in the money for a fun treat this fall, like pumpkin ice cream!
  6. Make pumpkin bread. Many kids love baking. What better way to spend the afternoon in fall than baking pumpkin bread or pumpkin muffins? Be sure to be well stocked on baking supplies and cans of pumpkin. This makes a great afternoon snack while watching a family movie!
  7.  Have marshmallows and spaghetti? Kids can create mini wigwams or geometric sculptures by sticking a strand of spaghetti into the marshmallows. You can also use toothpicks for this.

Rainy days don’t have to mean boredom or a whole day on the Xbox or iPad. There are plenty of fun family bonding activities that are seasonal! Kids grow fast! Don’t miss out spending time with them doing age-appropriate activities that bring some spirit to the season. It’s a great combination of learning, laughter, and fun.

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