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Heather Locklear Hospitalized, Khloé Kardashian Heads to LA, John Cena Offers to Reverse Vasectomy and More!

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June 21, 2018

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Summer is just beginning but the stories coming out of Hollywood are already heating up. Have you been keeping tabs on your favorite celebrity moms? If not, here’s what’s developing.

Heather Locklear Hospitalized

It’s hard to comment on a story like this without feeling opportunistic so we’ll try to be as respectful as possible. Actress Heather Locklear has been hospitalized for a psychiatric evaluation after she reportedly threatened to kill herself.

According to TMZ, a family member claimed that the Melrose Place actress was “agitated and violent” while “trying to hurt herself.” Fortunately, she did “not have access to any weapons.”

This past February, Locklear was arrested for felony domestic violence against her boyfriend, Chris Heisser. Eventually, she was only charged with misdemeanor battery on a peace officer and checked herself into a treatment facility weeks after the incident.

Back in 2012, Locklear’s sister called 911 to report that she had been mixing prescription drugs and alcohol. She was hospitalized at that time also.

We wish Heather Locklear the best during this difficult time.

Khloé Takes Baby True Home to LA

After her fiancé, Tristan Thompson, was caught in a high-profile cheating scandal just days before she gave birth, everyone wondered what Khloé Kardashian would do in the aftermath. As Thompson played in the NBA championships, the new mom chose to stay in Cleveland where he lives.

Now that their daughter, True, is two months old and the championships have ended, Khloé has packed up and relocated to Los Angeles where she will be close to her mother and siblings. It’s unclear whether Thompson made the trip with her but, judging from her Instagram account, Khloé’s family was thrilled to have her back on the west coast!

This must be a really difficult time for Khloé but with support and some room to breathe, she’ll get things back on track!

John Cena to Nikki Bella: I’ll Reverse My Vasectomy!

When someone goes through the process of having a vasectomy or their tubes tied, it usually means that they’ve given a lot of thought to the situation. These are considered permanent forms of birth control and, in many cases, can’t be reversed.

Apparently, John Cena is willing to try if it means winning back Nikki Bella. The pair called off their engagement because they couldn’t agree on whether they should have children. Ultimately, Bella said it was something that was important to her and she walked away from Cena.

After having his heart broken, he says he’s had a change of heart and is willing to become a father. On her reality show, Total Bellas, the pair discussed the issue and he pleaded, “just tell me you love me and that you’ll marry me.”

Best of luck to them. Let’s hope everyone is making decisions for all the right reasons!

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